See SARS, Avian Flu, and other BS 20/21st century media conconctions.
Reporter: Oh sweet jesus there is this new swine flu and it is going to kill your children! Oh yeah and did we mention it comes from dirty mexican pigs. Haha i know you dont have to say dirty.

<2 weeks later>

Reporter: Actually it seems that most people survive this previously stated fatal pandemic disease, sorry everyone. Oh yeah that pig farm where it came from is owned by a U.S. corporation...moving on. This week on American idol jimmy jon made a gaffe by singing with a sammich in his mouth.
by Gordon Downs May 03, 2009
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The very fucking flu that was placed in our society by our fucking government to distract us from fucking other important issues.
Oh shit the fucking economy is taking a shit, oh shit Im fucked up with swineflu and now im taking a shit
by Mr.Posh April 29, 2009
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A compleatly overated illness promoted by the media because they have nothing else to write about. according to the media, Swine flu will become a pandemic, and everyone will end up dying because there is no cure. Also refered to as "A-H1N1."
Random Kid: *cough cough*
Random Kid: ...
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The Swine flu is the sick feeling you get when you wake up next to a fat girl, whore, skank, slut or other non-desirable form of monster.
When I woke up and saw her laying there I knew I had contracted a case of the swine flu. Known to cause instant regret and years of therapy. The swine flu gives you the same feeling you get after you eat at KFC. "Oh God, why did I just do that? I
feel like shit. I have to get the fuck outta here."

by RBN33 April 27, 2009
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a flu, which actually started in a farm in the us, possibly by a farmer who went to mexico because he might have been closer to the boarder than anyone else. later the flu spear all over mexico, and then it spread all over the world. Now theres a vaccine that avoids it, but people in canada are dying because of it. so you better not take it till obama or some other important bastard takes it and lives.

For some reason it created such a hype around the world. :l

There'd already be a cure for cancer if it would have had such a big hype
guy1: *cough*
guy2: *backs away*
guy1: Dude i only have cold >_> fff.
guy2:riiiiiiiiiight. you probably have swine flu.
guy1: dont make me cough on your face.
by Your Doctor. February 07, 2010
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The Swine Flu; also known as porker virus, is becoming an epidemic throughout North America. It is considered to curl your nose up and will make you snort like a pig when you laugh. The Swine Flu originated from Mexico because the pigs there ate radioactive shit. This is now spreading throughout the United States. Please grab the people closest to you and stay away from pork, and people that look like pigs.
Guy 1: Dude! Did you see Eric? He looks like a pig.

Guy 2: Stay away from him he has the Swine Flu.
by Crysis93 April 28, 2009
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