A term used to describe a group of cops or pigs especially when they're making arrests or breaking up a party. Swine flu is known to be a fatal illness for parties.
Did you go to that party last night?
Yea it was weak though, it had the swine flu so it was over hella early.
by freshaholic May 03, 2009
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Swine flu is when you're having sex with a girl but pull out to cum all over her pussy, then use your hands to spread it all over her body.

After all, it starts south of the border and quickly spreads north.
Girl: No, not inside! Give me the swine flu instead!
Guy: Oh it's pandemic!
by TPain4Life April 28, 2009
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A sickness brought on by sleeping with a horribly unattractive person. Usually contracted during consumption of massive amounts of alcohol. The illness leaves the person feeling sick to stomach, dirty, depressed, and unwilling to leave the house.
guy1: Hey wanna ride with me over to the party tonight.
guy2: Nah man I'm staying in, last night I contracted a horrible case of swine flu.
guy1: Yeah I saw you leave with that walrus of a woman.
guy2: You ASS! Why didn't you stop me and give me a back handed flu vaccination before I went and got all sick.

by DCSIM April 27, 2009
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1. n. a phrase used in response to any signs or symptoms of any sort of illness; used to mock the media's overexaggeration of the Swine Flu "epidemic".

The phrase can be used as part of a sentence, or as a comment on its own.
Jim: I have a headache, and I think my allergies are acting up.

Tim (jokingly): You probably have Swine Flu.


Tim: *coughs/sneezes*

Jim: Swine Flu!!!!

Tommy: Quick, call the hospital and the local news crew!
by thisisanepicepidemic May 12, 2009
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An undercover cop;
Someone who hangs around or works with the police
Jimmy: Yo don't trust that dude
John: Why?
Jimmy: I think he got the Swine Flu
John: He ain't even sick
Jimmy: But he hangs around with Pigs (police)
by JattDizzleTheProducer November 08, 2009
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A disgraceful disease that should be blamed on our ancestors
"There was an old saying that pigs would fly when a black man was elected president... well, now Obama's had his first 100 days, and Swine Flu."
by Sailfish714 May 17, 2009
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n. Pathology.
a highly contagious form of influenza caused by infection with a filterable virus first isolated from swine.

n. Probably not swine flu
by 1123581321 May 05, 2009
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