a person of high ranking, who is able to change the minds of individuals. emphasizing the intensity of influencers
Person 1: oh yeah, you make a good point

Person 2: that’s why they call me an influenza
by June 30, 2021
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A common viral infection, Influenza can be dangerous if the victim is old, chronically ill or young, it can even kill. There has been 5 known Influenza Pandemics:
1889-1890 - H2N2 (Russian or Asiatic) Strain
1900 - H3N8 Strain
1918-1920 - H1N1 (Spanish) Strain
1957-1958 - H2N2 (Asian) Strain
1968-1969 - H3N2 (Hong Kong) Strain

The Spanish Pandemic was very devastating as it is thought there were more casualties from the pandemic than there were from World War I. The N5N1 (Avian or Bird) Influenza strain is rapidly spreading throughout countries from migrating birds.
by shadow7710 September 2, 2006
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A glamorous, more sophisticated, name for the swine flu giving it some much needed flare.
No doctor, I don't have the swine flu, I have "pig influenza" get with the program!
by elle324 October 23, 2009
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Based on expirence, swine flu is basically a regular flu except you get to take a full week off of school/work and nobody will come near you.

If you have a "suspected" case of the H1N1 and you walk into a medical clinic to ask for an appointment, they force a mask over your mouth and nose and throw you into an isolation room, away from all the other patients.

Then a doctor comes in wearing two face masks and rubber gloves asks about your symtoms and such.

The doctor prescribes asthma medication and cough syrup for the coughing, nasal spray for the runny nose, and then these green & yellow mystery pills.

If you live with very germaphobic people, they will likely quarenteen you in your bedroom and not let you leave unless you have bathed in hand sanitizer and are wearing a face mask.

NOTE: this disease can be caused by sleeping over at the house of a contaminated person, but it is apparently not transferred through making out with your boyfriend.
DAMN i have the swine flu! *cough cough sputter cough*

Dont have sleepver parties if you have the swine influenza!!
by swwwwineflu June 18, 2009
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Influenza F is created throught the mental brain of a person. Usual caused by toxicity in Fortnite Battle Royale. This type of influenza is the most dangerous because it can cause Ligma, sugma, and most dangerous, stay hone from school disease. If you have any of these synptoms please use code Cizz in the Fortnite Item Shop to get your medication.
Girl- “Hey did you hear that Dilin has Influenza F?”
Boy- “No but that is seeious shit!”
Girl- “Ya we might wanna plan his funeral...”
by GtaGamer March 5, 2019
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Like Bieber Fever except infinitely better because it's Andy Biersack instead
-Omg becky i love justin bieber
-Fuck you
-But he's such a good singer
-Fuck you
-I have such Bieber fever
by thenerdosaur November 25, 2016
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Using your sick leave to enjoy the day off from work, when your not really sick.
Mr. Johnson, I want able to make it to work today, I have solar influenza.
by fastblk22 July 19, 2009
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