An act where a man with a fairly large mustache gives another man a blow job. In a sweeping motion goes up an down the shaft.
Hank- "Thanks to your sweeper, i didn't even have to shower after our encounter"
by afghanistanvangundy September 1, 2009
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A dark, shadowy charachter with a penchant for piano strings and the SiG-552 Commando
"Sweeper headshot symbol across map symbol Commando symbolProfCS101"
by Sweeper June 17, 2003
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One who hits on girls who are "dating" his friends.
Jonah is a real sweeper for stealing that girl from Mike.

Dude, that was my girl. You are such a sweeper.
by jet2k May 15, 2009
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A stand up paddler. (in surfing). They use a big board, bigger than longboards so they can stand on the board and paddling into waves. It looks like they are sweeping a floor when they are paddling.
"Look at that sweeper, he catch all my waves."

even the longboarders gets angry on the sweepers 'couse they are catching every wave further out than the main line up.

"look at that dude standing on his board with a paddle." "it's a sweeper."
by torgeir November 10, 2007
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the keeper's right hand man. a position in football (soccer) whose main goal is to to protect his/her keeper. also known as the master of the slide tackle.
that fast break could have been a disaster if not for the sweeper
by bpmbrent June 28, 2010
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A move used by a really hot girls friend to direct attention away from the male and take the hot girl as far away as possible. Usually in the form of a over exagerated hug or hand grab and most of the time out of jelousy. See also cock block
I was talking to emily and christina pulled a sweeper on me and dragged emily like 300 miles away from me
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Referring to a lady's breasts which are utterly saggy. These breasts will normally face directly downwards and resemble empty plastic bags. They are most commonly found on old women and pictures of African tribes women who have never heard of a bra and have breast fed 58 infants.
Dave: That bird you pulled last night had nice tits.
Sam: Whatever dude, when I got her bra off they fucking hit the ground. She totally had a pair of sweepers. They were like skin flaps. Seen better tits on the birds in the Amdipmamam tribe.
by Ball Bag February 20, 2006
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