"Did yinz need to borrow that sweeper for your room?"
by YDload September 23, 2004
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Your local mercenary, is living at the block and does everyone's assasinations work.
Also knows most definitions on military stuff, mostly hanging around bars looking for mercenary work
by Sweeper June 10, 2003
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Another term of Assassin, Hitman, Or Mercinarey. Could be Freelance, or belonging to a certain Crime syndicate. Not to be confused with "Street Sweeper" which is a type of shotgun
"Hes a sweeper", "Thats the triads, top Sweeper"
by Jay rocc, Rocc with 2 c'zNIgga January 17, 2009
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a person who is a total numty-tard
Rusty lost his geese again! Christ, he's such a sweeper.
by 20:20Vision June 19, 2010
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Regional slang for vacuum cleaner used in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana.
by YoungstownToast November 24, 2019
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the person who scopes out a particular road before a street race takes place. Essentially a lookout. When he gets the race's termination point and gives the all clear, the race can commence.
"If we would have had a sweeper, nobody would have gotten pulled over."
"Hey bro, you mind playing sweeper tonight?"
by LilCajun337 April 15, 2015
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A sweeper is a person who is very good at the windows game Minesweeper.

Sweeper is a noun. However "Sweeping" can also be used as a verb
"Simon was the best sweeper in class"

"Simon was chilling out and sweeping."
by Eika January 28, 2010
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