When you give someone a Swirly, A Boondoggle and a Wedgie. Especially when they’re wearing whitey tighties.
Dude, we totally gave him a Swifter Sweeper! What a nerd!
by Buttcheek Boi June 29, 2021
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When you are a really badass hacker who knoew all information about a person, And also dies from fall damage
Oh, You're pulling a stalwart sweeper? Stop Stalwarting man!!!
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an east coast prep star that packs fat lips, rips rats downs 5 hour energies, and lies at all cost to get his dick wet.

Skittle sweepers are known to make the best itunes playlists, claim to know most bartenders, crush natty light like water and were probably recruited in high school to play college lax.

Skittle sweepers can be found bro-ing out at dave mathews concerts, watching st. elmos fire on hulu, and taking theme parties to the next level.
" Yo why don't you grab a broom, you're droppin skittles everywhere."

"dude you look like a total skittle sweeper in those cole haans.."

Friend 1: Who's that kid over there sneaking into our frat party and stealing all of our natty light?

Friend 2: I dunno, he looked like the biggest skittle sweeper ever
by UNC laxbro88 April 10, 2011
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To force-feed ones hairy ball sack into the vertically positioned and open bung-tunnel of a friend or foe.

John - "Ok Jane, it's time for the Chimney Sweeper!"

Jane - "What's that?"

John - "Bend over and I'll show you."

Jane - "No John, really? Quit playing games and tell me."

John - "Sorry Jane, you're right. The Chimney Sweeper is where you take off your sweatpants, lay on your back, then roll your knees back until they touch your shoulders. This way your butt hole opens up and stares straight at the clouds above. Then I'll hover over your puckered poo packer and plunge both of my not-so-recently shaven jizz tanks past the event horizon of your turd socket. Duh!?"

Jane - "Oh dear. Are you serious?"

John - "Yes Jane, yes I am"
by Extra Normal April 4, 2009
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Slang for a type of shotgun that is drum fed, consequently ammo capacity is a bit larger that any other shotgun.
Street sweepers (in pertinence to firearms) are NOT submachine pistols or any other non-shotgun type firearm.
by friend of bob May 15, 2004
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when you wipe after pooping and the paper is clean, requiring no further wiping
It was a clean sweeper, I only had to wipe once!
by DJ Shaun April 28, 2011
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a team that goes in to a location and kills anything still breathing hence "sweeper " that sweeps up after the job or mission is finished
they were ona sweeper team that was fast skilled effective and clean
by '70Boss 429 mustang November 14, 2016
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