Someone who covers things up or assists in the covering up of things, the sweeping under the carpet of matters best to be hidden & covered up.
Everybody knew that Jock knew and did nothing about it...."yeah Jock just swept it under the carpet", Ally replies "Yeah, he's just a sweeper"
by Tricky BJK_KA_Div October 25, 2007
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A sweeper is when a man gaffa-tapes the end of a broom to a womans mouth and then does her in the wheel barrow position (so she has her hands on the floor, face down, and he holds her legs, whilst having intercourse) so she is effectively sweeping the floor.... killing two birds with one stone!
wheelbarrow sweeper doggy intercourse sex sex positions man woman nooky the sweeper
by the sweeper! November 11, 2011
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n. Ice curlers too weak or uncoordinated to throw heavy granite stones. They just sweep dirt and candy wrappings out of the stone's path.

Come on sweepers! Put a little zest into it. We nearly wrecked on a ciggie butt in that last end.
by gnostic3 December 28, 2019
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a slut, a complete whore, the girl you would call knowing she will engage in extremely kinky sexual experiences, experiencing ecstasy at little or no work at all.
Jamal: o look lamar, theres a cal high beezy right there

Lamar: o shittt, niggah i bet she sweepin

Jamal: chea breh, such a sweeper

Lamar: ima go say hi n have that bitch all ova ma cool aid
by Shnuggen July 23, 2009
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High school english teacher whose monotone voice often lulls one to sleep in each and every class.
I fell asleep and totally drooled during Sweepers class today.
by Dallas Cowboys March 15, 2009
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Is a new way of goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer is an example of a sweeper keeper, sweeper keepers usually defend out of the penalty area,
"Cristiano Ronaldo had a break away into Bayern's Half and Manuel Neuer comes out of his Penalty area to defend the box he played the role as a sweeper keeper"
by Soccer, Football, Goalkeeper, September 26, 2014
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(1) A 12-round revolver style shotgun originally designed in S. Africa. A weapon of destruction. (2) Any number of shotguns converted to 10+ round capacity.
Let's see how this bulletproof glass stands up to my street sweeper.
by David Garcia September 13, 2003
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