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people who ride longboards
Joe: Who are those guys?
Bob: Those are the longboarders
by Swag Master Jay June 4, 2013
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a sport very near to skate boarding, but involes you screaming down hills at any speed up to around 45mph
longboarding ig great! everyone shud get a longboard
by steve! April 18, 2005
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a skateboard meant for speedboarding, transportation, slalom, carving, sliding, boardwalking, racing of any other kind. longboards are not necessarily longer than freestyle skateboards. there are longboards from 22" to 103" and probably outside of that range as well.

a typical longboard is 44" long, 9.5" wide with a 28" wheelbase, has 70X45mm 80a wheels, is bent upward (camber) and is flexible with a 5 ply maple deck with fiberglass cloth epoxied onto the deck under the griptape, has a rear kicktail but no nose, has 180mm reverse-kingpin trucks with soft that bushings that allow a 7' turning radius
"i'm sick of riding this unturnable hard-little-wheeled popsicle stick around campus, i should order a longboard"
by akary May 6, 2005
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finally feeling free. go longboarding when you want to forget the world for awhile.
I could not wait to get home from work and go longboarding.
by smokeyp55 August 17, 2011
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A skateboard that is typically longer than a freestyle board. There are 4 main types of longboarding and boards are designed with each type of longboarding in mind:

1. Speedboarding - The goal here is speed, so boards are designed with stability in mind. They tend to have a rigid deck which is lowered significantly. They have large wheels and large trucks as well.

2. Cruising - The goal here is a smooth easy ride. These longboards are designed to be responsive and stable at low speeds. The decks usually have quite a bit of flex in them and are still long like a speedboard. They tend to have slightly harder wheels than a speedboard but still relatively the same size. They are very smooth and easy to ride because they bend as you carve, sticking you to your board as you corner quickly.

3. Sliding - These boards are designed for sliding. They are usually fairly short and have kicktails on the front and the back. They have small hard wheels that slide very easily.

4. Carving - These boards are designed to carve really tight and fast. They have a shorter wheelbase than a cruiser and turn a lot faster too. They have wide soft wheels for maximum traction. People usually use these boards in slalmom races.

Many boards are also designed with 2 or more longboarding styles in mind. It is even becoming quite popular in many areas as it is a great mode of transportation.
Boarder Dude 1 - Dude! I hit 93km/h on my longboard the other day!

Boarder Dude 2 - Gnarly! I'm not a speed guy though. I like to just carve it up and ride nice long smooth hills. I also like to slide.

Boarder Dude 1 - Sweet man! I have a wicked sliding setup myself. I'm just learning to do 360's.

Boarder Dude 2 - Nice. I've got the 360's down to a science. Let's go tear up a hill right now.

Boarder Dude 1 - Totally!

Boarder Dude 2 - I love longboarding.

Boarder Dude 1 - I also love longboarding.
by Big_J August 25, 2005
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Similar to skateboarding but the board is longer and there are different types. Some people just like to cruise around while others prefer downhilling, longboard dance, and freestyle.
I like longboarding better than skateboarding because I like the flow of the dance steps.
by Little Italian August 15, 2018
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A longer version of a skateboard, but with the same culture. NOT faster than a bike
Zac: Longboards are as fast as bikes
Matt: No they aren't
Zac: I'll show you
Ground: Don't worry, I'll catch you Zac!
(Zac falls and breaks ribs)
Matt: Told you
by the_1ne May 15, 2015
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