what whitewater kayakers call each other.
you can only say paddler if you are also a whitewater kayaker. Just like nigger for blacks.
by trip420 April 30, 2006
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A person from the shallow end of the gene pool. If there is a cream of the genetic crop, this group is the stagnant scum in the nearby lake.
"Fucking hell, have you seen the teeth on that guy? Absolute paddler."
by el-generico July 11, 2019
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Term for a recreational canoeist, kayaker or rafter.
He has been a paddler since his first trip in a canoe as a boy scout.
by BobCanoe October 11, 2009
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Verb: Someone who engages and follows mainstream trends in music and fashion. Also known as a hypebeast. Word derives from kayaks and/or boats that go down streams i.e mainSTREAM trends and music.
Person 1:Are you going to (Music Artist) 's concert.
Person 2: No they're going to be too many paddlers there that don't
by A.Daniels April 13, 2017
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(noun) Paddler, of any level, who loves the River and the river lifestyle.

Goes rafting, kayaking, canoeing, SUP, whatever! Swims like a fish, and loves rain as much as sun. May be broke in the pocket, but rich and giving in the soul. Speaks the universal language, that of the River, in any of the tongues of the Dirtbag Paddler World - which is all of them. Survives on whatever it takes to get that next WALLACE fix. Would throw a rope to anyone! If your car smells like your gear, or better yet if you HAVE no car, you're a dirtbag.
One Love, One River! -Dirtbag Paddler
In my opinion, being a dirtbag paddler is a much nobler pursuit than merely trading my hours for a handful of dimes.
by FartyTheShark November 23, 2015
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A suntan pattern on the hands unique to those who paddle kayaks and surfskis. The back of the hand is very tanned by the sun up to the knuckle and then from the knuckles to the tips of the fingers much lighter because those parts of the fingers wrap under the paddle and are not exposed to the same amount of direct sunlight.
That guy who surfskis alot has a noticeable paddlers tan.
by Paddleguy June 30, 2020
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Very similar to the phrases, vagina blocker, cunt Nazi, pussy kryptonite, vagina reflector, beaver dam, pussy blocker, cunt mugger, pussy dodger, snatch repeller, and beaver bandit.

It is used to describe any one person or group of persons that are preventing you from getting your dick wet.
Gavin: "I'm trying to get with Haley! Stop being such a poon paddler!"

Justin: "Wow, back off, all I said was that I had a boner."

Gavin: "Exactly, I think you should probably just leave."

Justin: (Yelling) "Man fuck you, and fuck you Haley! I'm out!"
by BluedudeJM June 15, 2010
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