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what whitewater kayakers call each other.
you can only say paddler if you are also a whitewater kayaker. Just like nigger for blacks.
by trip420 April 30, 2006
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Verb: Someone who engages and follows mainstream trends in music and fashion. Also known as a hypebeast. Word derives from kayaks and/or boats that go down streams i.e mainSTREAM trends and music.
Person 1:Are you going to (Music Artist) 's concert.
Person 2: No they're going to be too many paddlers there that don't
by A.Daniels April 13, 2017
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Term for a recreational canoeist, kayaker or rafter.
He has been a paddler since his first trip in a canoe as a boy scout.
by BobCanoe October 11, 2009
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