When youre gjving a girl a rim job and think youre finishing but you really just peed but she keeps going because she thinks its cum.
This guy was fucking me in the ass the other day and i asked him for a rim job and instead he accidently gave me a pee sweeper.
by Cole Blowens December 12, 2017
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An assault shotgun, such as the Pancor Jackhammer. Comes from its ability to engage multiple targets at the same time. Also called a street cleaner.
Get a eye full of lead when I slight your lights out/
With a street cleaner, wipe your life out/
Bullets know at you're ears, like a Tyson fight bout/
by NewBreedZero June 18, 2004
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a moustache of the variety found on gay men in the 1980s.
My, Herb has such a leafy cock-sweeper!
by dorham May 16, 2006
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big harry mustache located above the lip; without any other facial hair
Look at that guy's dick sweeper.
by Walter K. Prescott February 4, 2010
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When you shave off all your pubes on to the bathroom floor, then you grab a broom and smack your bitch with it and make her clean it up
i accidentally gave my girl a black eye after that Seattle sweeper last night
by FatDixINC October 17, 2015
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A person renowned for avoiding conversation topics and issues of life by using remedies such as redirection, minimisation, avoidance and dismissiveness.
A person who actively replaces the significance and importance of a subject or issue that has been raised for discussion with an insignificant, unrelated, unimportant, off topic alternative for the purpose of avoiding the initial topic or issue.
A person with a reputation for refusing to address required conversations that are commonly considered as essential to occur in order for remedial outcomes.

A person who has a reputation for intentionally avoiding the addressing of issues or topics they deem as difficult or uncomfortable by steering the discussion or conversation away from a particular topic at hand to a completely different topic.
“She is such a carpet sweeper always sweeping the terrible things she has done under the rug

“ everyone in that family are a bunch of carpet sweepers, they never talk about the terrible things their clan did in this community and somehow if I address it with any of them the conversation always ends up being about how many wonderful kittens they sold at the markets last year”
by Soledad Flynn May 7, 2022
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