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Sport Utility Vehicle. Neither a sport vehicle nor a utility vehicle. A whack, fakeass (and successful) attempt by the motor vehicle industry to lure in overpaid middle class workaholic moms who think that they need a 3 ton vehicle to carry their stupid kids to soccer practice.
"My old car got 38 miles per gallon and could carry only 4 people; despite the fact that i am a divorced mother of one, i had to upgrade to a vehicle that got 13 miles per gallon and could carry 10 people."
by Rypsaw April 30, 2003
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1. A practical vehicle if you live in rural Michigan and actually have a need for 4 wheel drive.

2. An nauseatingly irresponsible vehicle if you live in Miami and drive it solely because noone going to tell you that you can't.

Regardless, there is no reason that auto manufacturers shouldn't be required to increase the fuel efficiency of these beasts.
If you drive an SUV and bitch about gas prices, you are a fucking asshole and might even be our current president.
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A vehicle that when driven is comprable to drunk driving. In other words, the offending driver is likely to walk away without a scratch, while the victim is usually just fucked.
I got hit by an SUV, but it's ok, because I got a million bucks. And all I had to do was break my neck!
by combat_rock November 29, 2003
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Gas-guzzling motor vehicle designed for off-road driving while only 5% of SUV owners ever go off road
by Anonymous March 03, 2003
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A vehicle that is ordinarily driven by a Fat Woman. This driver would qualify to have an SUV Fatlady bumper sticker on her back bumper. You might likely see a bunch of these vehicles driven by fat women, in school roundabouts, waiting to pick up their snot nose kids when school lets out. This is particulary so at Parochial schools.
I was driving by a christian school today, and looked over seeing about 15 SUV's in the roundabout. Then, I had to drive about 5 miles an hour behind about 5 more of these SUV's, waiting for them to turn into the school parking lot. Not to any surprise, was each vehicle was being driven by a fat hog woman.
by SUV FAT LADY April 03, 2008
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A contemporary expression of the lack of creativity and constipated thinking which characterizes the declining US automobile industry, and a notable symbol of the excess, isolation, separation from nature, and declining aesthetic sense that characterizes mainstream US culture and life.
"We don't know how we ever lived without our Suburban. Shopping trips to Home Depot are really a breeze now, and we can get our big screen to the repair shop so easily in our SUV. We don't even mind what it costs to fill the tank. There's plenty of oil as long as we're willing to fight for it and we don't have to send OUR son to war. The other day we broadsided a small car driven by an old man and his wife, and we didn't feel a thing!"
by citds21pallas January 01, 2007
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abbrev: Soccermoms United in Vacuousness
"Our boys are dying in some desert somewhere for these SUV's"
by jethro January 16, 2004
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