Sport Utility Vehicle. Neither a sport vehicle nor a utility vehicle. A whack, fakeass (and successful) attempt by the motor vehicle industry to lure in overpaid middle class workaholic moms who think that they need a 3 ton vehicle to carry their stupid kids to soccer practice.
"My old car got 38 miles per gallon and could carry only 4 people; despite the fact that i am a divorced mother of one, i had to upgrade to a vehicle that got 13 miles per gallon and could carry 10 people."
by Rypsaw May 1, 2003
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Gas-guzzling motor vehicle designed for off-road driving while only 5% of SUV owners ever go off road
by Anonymous March 4, 2003
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A type of pick-up truck with an attached camper shell and seats in the cargo bed.
Never intended for passenger use on the highway, is cheaper to manufacture due to loophole in federal laws regulating passenger saftey. Despite the manufacturing economy, on of the most expensive types of motor vehicles to own and operate-high accident and theft rate, low re-sale value, and poor performance and fuel economy.
Prone to roll over and kill all occupants from something as simple as a failed tire. The lack of structure mandated for real passenger vehicles allows the 'SUV' to cave in upon rollover, while even the cheapest passenger car is legally required to have a roll cage in the roof structure.
Marketed as a more cool replacement for the minivan or station wagon. Often seen in news reports as the scene of multiple fatalities resulting from a blown tire. There is a new generation of vehicles marketed as suv or hybrid vehicles, these are not as dangerous, being based on minivan or car chassis-engineered for use on paved surfaces.
by cle June 3, 2003
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Gas-powered compensations for a little winkies.
My no no special stick is inverted and looks like an anus with a beard, but damn can I cut people off with this who-jigger.
by PEE-nis ex-TEN-shun May 28, 2003
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Losers buy SUVs to make up for their microscopic dicks.
by person yo-yo July 2, 2003
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Driven by Terrorists and Polluters.
by FhillyMan July 4, 2003
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1)a bigass oversized vehicle
2)a vihecle that takes up too much room in parking lots and when people try to back out of a parking spot the driver wont have enough room
3)a major heatlh threat for people who have asthma and the elderly
4)contributes to Global warming
by Merlyn June 30, 2003
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