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George W. Bush, his puppet Dick Cheney, and his henchmen at the pentegon
henchmen would be Donald Rumsfield and Paul Wolfulwitz
by Merlyn June 29, 2003
1)a bigass oversized vehicle
2)a vihecle that takes up too much room in parking lots and when people try to back out of a parking spot the driver wont have enough room
3)a major heatlh threat for people who have asthma and the elderly
4)contributes to Global warming
by Merlyn June 30, 2003
karl rove is a 4 eyed motherfucker for mobolised evengilical christians to for Bush Junior which means 4 more years of bullshit......4 more years of crap
likely beneficiary under Bush: evengilical christians, corporations (including corporate polluters) rich fuckers at the very top of the income bracket

likely group of people to suffer under Bush: children/elderly who have weak lungs and live in cities with smogs problem, minorities, arabs who live in the US that who will continue to be victims of racial profiling and harrasment, low income people who aren't likely to get any tax cut and will pay more in taxes, enviromentalist, communities in cities where gang violence are problem because Bush cut money that was intended to put more cops on street while local goverments are force to lay off cops putting public safety at risk
by Merlyn November 8, 2004
a company that treats its employees like crap and refuses to pay decent wage while at the same time anything goes
by Merlyn June 30, 2003
Modern enlightened, sort of rennasance man. Secure and confident, capable and cool, typically well educated and stylish. Heterosexual with a twist, not gay by any means, but he probally has a few gay friends, and can easily be mistaken for gay by rednecks and jock types. The only straight guy in a fabric store or antique shop who is not being dragged there by a woman.
"You're so metrosexual"
by Merlyn February 11, 2004
hottest person in the universe
he’s super awesome and hot
also known as quackmatics boyfriend 😁😁😁
person 1: who is that fine ass babe?
person 2: thats mcyt.com14 stupid ass.
by Merlyn August 25, 2021
A browser based empire management game set in space. Fastgame is 30 second ticks and slowgame 30 minute ticks.
you get organized group attacks on the slow server against other alliance.
As for the fast server.....its free for all.
BigAl: Hey Firecrack
Firecrack: yeah?
BigAl: you want to attack some LDK members?
Firecrack: ofc :D
by Merlyn May 22, 2004