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How to tell if you're an idiot
Keep clicking the link that says "How to tell if you're an idiot"
by person yo-yo December 20, 2003
The guy from "The Simpsons" who sells
comic books at his store, "the android's dungeon". Overweight and
unmarried, he spends most of his free time eating and looking up porn.
His real name is a mystery.
"There is no emoticon for what I'm feeling"
-Comic Book Guy
by person yo-yo December 23, 2003
A place where you can look up definitions for words, or post your own
definitions. Sadly, most people (including me) just post opinions, not definitions.
by person yo-yo August 21, 2003
Captain:"Hoist the sails!".
Some other guy:"Yarr!".
by person yo-yo July 31, 2003
The Kiwatfish is part kiwi, part catfish.
It is endangered, as it has been hunted for many years by its mortal enemy, the Avacalmon.
It has an acquired taste.

See also: Avacalmon, Troutkin, Asperring.
We went fishing for Kiwatfish, but we couldn't catch a damn thing!
by person yo-yo April 30, 2004