What the big army calls the little army.

A nickname for the force with the smaller military strength.
by ariari February 27, 2010
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The biggest fuckers in all of history. and they're pussies too
terrorists are pussies
by Mr. Obvious February 15, 2004
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Sub-humans who run around killing unarmed women and children. Killing un-armed women and children is against every religion I have ever heard of including Muslim.
Man, that shitbag sub human just kill a bunch of kids. What a waste of sperm that terrorist is. His mother should have swallowed him when she had the chance.
by Some Dude August 31, 2004
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someone who presents terror. of any ethnic background.
they are a terrorists becuase they scared the kids on the bikes with knifes.
by tpmc December 03, 2007
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People whom use cheap tactics to harm inocent people to "prove" a point.. so they think. It really proves nothing but the fact they are stupid, and life is mcshit and they rather screw up someone else's than do something constructive to improve their situation.
Extreme religion is a breeding ground for terrorists. They loose grasp on reality trying to get to there 13 virgins or some shit. (who actually belives this btw?)
by Blunt0r April 20, 2004
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Me: Why are the twin towers all on fire
Friend: I dunno, it must've been a terrorist called Osama Bin Laden
by Fuckindianairlines June 11, 2020
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