Oi that chaveys fit mate. I’d suv her
by Maog July 19, 2018
SLUTTY UNAVAILABLE VIRGIN. A virgin that acts like she wants to have sex with everyone she, or, he meets.
I met this beautiful woman that was acting so slutty, but when I made my move she told me she was an unavailable virgin!
by Frank Palace March 21, 2021
A vehicle intended for carrying many people or for off-roading, however no one ever uses it for this purpose.
Person 1: That guy must be a real idiot! He's driving an SUV in New York City.

Person 2: And I doubt he has a lot of kids...
by abcdefghi76543 July 12, 2015
Music that is too litty that's purely underrated pioneered by lilnosebleedd,k1llbrady,ariaty,sibuna winter
Brodie: Yo twizzy you hëard that nëw Lilnosebleedd tape

Guy: yeah büt you should listen to it in a Süvy,that shii is pure suv musikk
by B!GGBöYYGL33 December 26, 2022
most maniacs find themselves driving this type of car. beware.
Guy 1: "Hey, did you hear about how Josselyn got run over by a blue SUV?"

Guy 2: "Oh shit, really? Fuck..."
by BlaizenTen September 21, 2022