It’s a definition for someone who’s really wants something, is focused and determined.
-Jimmy Buttler came from the bottom, man!
-Yeah, he’s a driven dude!
by mattfromcali’ April 23, 2019
A lousy Stallone movie about CART racing.
Bob-"Want to watch Driven?" Steve-"No thanks, I'd rather watch my own conception."
by tbonestg December 13, 2013
A term sometimes seen in used car ads, suggesting a car has been gently driven, but may also suggest it has dents and scratches from hitting cars and other fixed objects in parking lots and garages.
I looked at a used car that was lady driven, it had only 10,000 miles, but there's so many dents and scratches it needs thousands of dollars in bodywork.
by BigKurac May 11, 2013
Horny in a different sort of way! Not like sexually frustrated where you are pissy cause you haven't gotten laid in a long time, but when you are so horny you have to go on a hunt to get laid and you'll do whatever it fucking takes.
Damn dude i'm so sexually driven that Billy Bob Joe is lookin pretty hott!
by Chillaxin January 25, 2008
Self motivated. Motivated or driven by yourself.
You are a self driven person, therefore you won't need anyone else to motivate you to do your job!
by My my Austin March 1, 2018
someone who is so driven by the goal of attaining penis that they let things that they normally would not let slide to happen because it clouds their judgment.
I can’t believe I was unbothered by him finishing on my expensive couch. I was so dick driven.
by marigoldsister October 7, 2020
Doing just about anything to get some pussy.
Joe was so pussy driven, he ran 8 miles to get some.
by Jake Herman August 7, 2007