A vehicle that is ordinarily driven by a Fat Woman. This driver would qualify to have an SUV Fatlady bumper sticker on her back bumper. You might likely see a bunch of these vehicles driven by fat women, in school roundabouts, waiting to pick up their snot nose kids when school lets out. This is particulary so at Parochial schools.
I was driving by a christian school today, and looked over seeing about 15 SUV's in the roundabout. Then, I had to drive about 5 miles an hour behind about 5 more of these SUV's, waiting for them to turn into the school parking lot. Not to any surprise, was each vehicle was being driven by a fat hog woman.
by SUV FAT LADY April 3, 2008
A contemporary expression of the lack of creativity and constipated thinking which characterizes the declining US automobile industry, and a notable symbol of the excess, isolation, separation from nature, and declining aesthetic sense that characterizes mainstream US culture and life.
"We don't know how we ever lived without our Suburban. Shopping trips to Home Depot are really a breeze now, and we can get our big screen to the repair shop so easily in our SUV. We don't even mind what it costs to fill the tank. There's plenty of oil as long as we're willing to fight for it and we don't have to send OUR son to war. The other day we broadsided a small car driven by an old man and his wife, and we didn't feel a thing!"
by citds21pallas January 2, 2007
A type of vehicle that mostly arrogant people like to drive, especially when they feel that they have to be ‘above everyone else’ on the road, both literally and figuratively.
Damn the jerk in that bloody SUV in front of me, I can’t see anything else up ahead in this traffic!.
by Space Demon-69M March 13, 2019
Sure to be Under Vehicle.
"Well, I can give you this car with a five-star safety rating, which gets 38 miles a gallon, for twelve grand . . . OR I can give you this SUV which gets ten miles a gallon and hasn't gone through any safety tests at all for twenty-five grand."

"I'll take the SUV!"
by Xyzzy January 30, 2005
Silly - Urban - Vanity

1. A vehicle made to go off road for camping trips, hunting, and for trail riding, but is only used for getting groceries.

2. A boxy vehicle that while made to function in mud, rocks, or sand, can often be seen dodging small puddles since the owner just washed and waxed it before picking up his "ho".

3. Further proof that most of the American buying public are sheep easily led to slaughter (see croc clogs)
His SUV is capable of going in the mud up the the fender wells, but he won't even drive it in the rain!

That SUV can hold eight people, but that 5'2" bitch yakking on her cell phone and weaving in and out of traffic without using her turn signal is driving all alone.

Wow, I never knew that you needed a four wheel drive Lexus to pick up a dozen donuts!
by OnTheSideOfRight October 9, 2006
Evil represented by steel on tires. Driven by conservatives who don't want to conserve. Gets less miles to the gallon than the first car invented.
My friend and I went on a cross-country road trip; I drove a Model T, he drove an SUV. He could go faster, but we got to the coast at the same time because I didn't have to gas up as often.
by Zeke November 1, 2003