The word that is a legend in my high school that was used in a stretched out manner(suuuuuuuttt) when a person said an extremely stupid remark or joke. The Sut chop was given and you felt like a complete ass and just told everyone it was stupid because u felt gay.
"Hey guys, what has a bed but doesnt sleep??? ...A river!!! HAHA!"
by Meech March 29, 2005
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This is used in place of "sup." Many people actually never really annunciate the P in "sup." Thus, you end up catching many people saying "sut?" instead of "sup?"
(Walks into office and sees his friend diligently working and passes by saying) "Sut, Keith?"
by PunchSelfInFace February 5, 2017
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A punk, chump, or any of the sort.
You a sut.
by xlae-x March 25, 2003
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S.U.T.S. stands for "shoot up the school."
- Man, what do you think that kid is listening to? Korn? What a suts.

- What is Leary always doing in his car during lunch? What a suts.
by A-Rice June 20, 2009
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This is an acronym for a highly sensitive saying in the United States of America public school systems. Shoot Up The School is what SUTS stands for. It was coined for if people start to get suspended/imprisoned for jokingly saying the willshoot up the school
When the emo white kid got an F on his test he proceeded to scream,”IM GONNA SUTS!!!!”
by SpiderSM February 3, 2019
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not a word, but a sound made when doing a sudden movement or something physical.
by darrun July 19, 2004
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Sutting- in terms of Trinidadian perspective is the act of a person(often times a tusty man) shouting or calling out to a probable mate or sweet redz from across the road as she goes her merry way.
As I trod past smokey and bunty a group of men started sutting me.
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