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The word that is a legend in my high school that was used in a stretched out manner(suuuuuuuttt) when a person said an extremely stupid remark or joke. The Sut chop was given and you felt like a complete ass and just told everyone it was stupid because u felt gay.
"Hey guys, what has a bed but doesnt sleep??? ...A river!!! HAHA!"
by Meech March 28, 2005
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S.U.T.S. stands for "shoot up the school."
- Man, what do you think that kid is listening to? Korn? What a suts.

- What is Leary always doing in his car during lunch? What a suts.
by A-Rice June 19, 2009
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not a word, but a sound made when doing a sudden movement or something physical.
*throwing a playing card down* SUT!!!
by darrun July 18, 2004
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This is used in place of "sup." Many people actually never really annunciate the P in "sup." Thus, you end up catching many people saying "sut?" instead of "sup?"
(Walks into office and sees his friend diligently working and passes by saying) "Sut, Keith?"
by PunchSelfInFace February 05, 2017
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"Sudden urge to shit"

When you randomly have to shit really really bad without any warning.
"Olympe De Gouses uses various methods of rhetoric, including ethos.... holy shit, I have SUTS, BRB!"
by DucoNihilum October 20, 2007
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