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The act of being shot up.
1: You know Jerome from Brooklyn?
2: Yea, what about him?
3: That boy got Tupac'd!
4: Damn, guess he didn't pay his drug dealer.
by xlae-x March 25, 2003
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50 Cent's group consisting of Tony Yayo (currently incarcerated), Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, and 50 himself; short hand for Guerilla Unit; started with 50, Yayo, & Banks who grew up literally across the street or around the corner from each other in South Side Jamaica, Queens, NYC.
by xlae-x April 25, 2003
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A homosexual of sorts that tends to say ignorant things, suck up to older people, act as if they were intelligent in assorted areas (i.e. music, cars, etc., etc.), dress up nice for the smallest occasion (small parts in plays; also usaully accompanied with looking like a dumbass and having his clothes for that day remembered as "overkill"), and sometimes being attracted to ugly, overweight, nasty people (usually of any gender, but only performing intercourse with the gender that is the same as theirs).
That dude that wore a tux to school when the people in the school play had to dress up, even though he only walked on the stage and waved after he left, was a real Oulette.
by xlae-x March 25, 2003
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Any kind of pistol, usually referring to the ones used by gangsters.
The cops came around so I had to hide the street sweeper.
by xlae-x March 25, 2003
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Slang used by a drug addict; shortened version of "No dope for me at the moment, please, even though I can't live without it"
Dope Fiend #1: You want some more?

Dope Fiend #2: Nope, I've had enough for now.
by xlae-x March 24, 2003
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Something you call someone when they seem to be nonchalantly imitating someone who you do not want another of; also used when someone takes something from you or says something disgusting.
At the beginning of the school year John Q. was a sick bastard to Daniel Oulette.
by xlae-x March 25, 2003
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To show off one's belongings that may be wanted by other people and my cause envy.
That guy with the platinum chain was stuntin'.
by xlae-x March 25, 2003
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