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Suspicious of, gun-shy, unsure of, or having you patience worn out. Similar to (and probably mispronounced from) weary.
"I'm leary of using cell phones, they're rumored to give you cancer."

"He was leary about seeing a movie with Peter Weller in it."

"I'm leary of eating gravy at restaurants, I've gotten lumps before"
by ononys October 28, 2005
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(noun) having a drug induced state of mind where one believes themselves to be a chicken whilst plagiarising other people’s views of America.
by transit.rider March 15, 2005
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Learies is a unique person with a attitude like no other. Learies is notorious for man stealing , accidentally of course . She is blunt and tells it like it is, she is adventurous and open about any and everything. There is nobody like a Learies
Learies is fine as fuck though.
Here's come that bitch Learies
by __oldcooch22 December 21, 2016
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