Some of the best people from the Caribbean. They live in a Cosmopolitan country due to the variety of races (Indian, African, Spanish, Chinese etc) and they could cook, lime and wine ! If you looking for a party, A Trini is the person to lime (hang out) with. Persons who aren't from Trinidad and Tobago will say they have an accent because it's different to what they speak but Trinidadians speak standard English (Britain).

Things a Trinidadian say : " Trini to de Bone" , " no matter what I love my curry and pelau" love you my Trinis ! ❤️ *Trinidadians are born in Trinidad and Tobagonians are born in Tobago
Whether African or Indian, I am a Trinidadian
by Trini to d bone September 5, 2015
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-People who are native to the country Trinidad which is located in the Caribbean.

-Immigrants who become citizens of the country
Jamie: Is It true you really from Trinidad?

Jonas: Yeah, I'm a Trinidadian
by Tisha Parks October 6, 2009
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To be flirting with someone, running after them, or hitting on them, complimenting them cause you have a somewhat interest in them etc.
Eg. Tracking (Trinidadian Term)

Tina : Hey look at that hot guy over there checking you out.
Sasha : I know, but he has a girl friend and he's only tracking me. Every time I go to some bar and I'm alone he always coming and flirting with me or something. Like what the hell.
Tina : Boys would always be boys, but don't act like we don't be tracking no guys when we out.
Sasha: But we're single Tina, he has a girlfriend, that's the point I'm trying to make.
by VampireLover May 14, 2013
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A Trinidadian macaroni pie is a term from Detroit that means group prison sex with large groups of African American men and one white person (the macaroni). The goal is to cover the macaroni with so much semen they resemble a glazed pie.
That new white guy took ten big prison dicks like a pro, he was so glazed up it was a genuine Trinidadian Macaroni Pie!
by Detroitbbbitch November 22, 2017
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