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A supposedly vulgar term that came out of my old italian neighbor when his grandson hit him in the square in the fotch with a soccer ball.
"You can't duct tape the cat u fuckin scoombadaooch!"

"Get close to me and im gunna fuckin scoombadaooch you in the face"

by Meech March 29, 2005
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wen someone is so skinny u can c their bones and they have no meat.
hey look shaun is here. he is scrannied to the max
by Meech April 10, 2005
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The word that is a legend in my high school that was used in a stretched out manner(suuuuuuuttt) when a person said an extremely stupid remark or joke. The Sut chop was given and you felt like a complete ass and just told everyone it was stupid because u felt gay.
"Hey guys, what has a bed but doesnt sleep??? ...A river!!! HAHA!"
by Meech March 29, 2005
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some one who can consume an enormous amount of alochol(usually beer)and still manage to play 5 games of beer pong at 4:30 in the morning.
"yo john,let's go make that tanker funnel 15 bud lights."

"yo i hope your not a tanker we only got 30 beers left for 3 people!"
by Meech May 22, 2005
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A Favor can be defined in many different ways. You can do sumone else a favor by listening when they tell you to shut the fuck up. You can also ask for a favor when you dont have any toilet paper left. The common favor asked there would be,"May i please recieve some TP?" You can also do yourself a favor by relieving yourself of bodily waste. You can say to yourself, "I Think im going to go drop the Cosby kids off at the pool." And yes that implies taking a dump. Think about that for a second...
"Hey John, i see you enjoy talking a lot during movies but can you do me a favor and shut the fuck up?"

"Hey Lou make sure you tell your wife ill return the favor for the great time last night"

"If only i did myself a favor and stopped being obese by putting the fork down"
by Meech March 29, 2005
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Department Of Motor Vehicles, AKA- the deep pits of hell, supposedly created to help you. It causes 95% of public violence in the USA and is responsible for over 300 suicides.
"They should have a man in the DMV punch you in the face the second you walk in to ease the pain of waiting in line at this sick twisted place."
by Meech March 29, 2005
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