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Used in place of "no" or even "hell no".
A: Let's go study.
B: Neah, modern marvels is on.
by a-rice November 12, 2006
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A statement of ambivalence or lack of concern.
A: Yo, test in Kelly's class tomorrow.
B: Meah.

A: That freshman is pretty hot.
B: Meah.
by a-rice November 12, 2006
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Speaking from experience, the sensation a male gets after urinating. A combination of goosebumps and slight jitters/shivers/shakes.

Can also occur when something creepy happens.

Also known as the PW's for short.
Adam: Broseph, I got the piss willies this morning.
Leary: I did too. I'm sick.

Adam: Yo, did you see that pic of ____ on facebook?
Chin: Yeah... gave me the PW's.
by A-Rice January 30, 2009
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S.U.T.S. stands for "shoot up the school."
- Man, what do you think that kid is listening to? Korn? What a suts.

- What is Leary always doing in his car during lunch? What a suts.
by A-Rice June 19, 2009
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An attractive man or woman. Usually woman.

There are many variations of the word:
A: Have you seen Leary's mom?
B: Milf-smash.

A: Wags is at the mall.
B: Is he looking for Mini (Smash)'s?
by a-rice November 12, 2006
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