The pengest girl alive, summa is a girl who has a great sense of humour, likes to be very cheeky and looks good all the time (especially in knee high socks and baggy jumpers)

Summa is a loving caring person who doesn’t want to be screwed over, she’s loyal and an allround great person. She loves her bunny very much and her bunny loves her.
You are looking good as usual summa

Look how fit summa is

Your hilarious summa
by Bunny Boo December 31, 2019
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She is the prettiest girl you’ll ever meet, she has the best Sence of humour, she’s always there for you and just a great girl to love, she is the greatest hugger in the world and she has the best personality.
Hey Summa want a hug
by Jooookkk June 12, 2019
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to overdo, to do more than the instructions tell you to
I am going to summa my report.
by Joeysumma September 16, 2013
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(a) When you're cravin' some ravin' fine bitch asss, who you gonna call... your Summa.
(b) Summa is your sidekick (cellphone)... she is reliable, easy,and opens, she never runs out of battery.
"I'm gonna call my Summa(a), can I barrow your Summa(b)"
by uhhhh your momma March 3, 2007
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A code used while also taking your thumb, pointer, and middle finger bringing them together and shaking them back and forth. Used to describe some stank ass sticky icky ganja.
Person 1: yo you got any summa summa?
Person 2: hells yeah!!!!
Person 1: bombbbbb!!!!
by Zsully September 8, 2010
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When your balls and ball sack are hot, sticky and sweaty from summer heat and humidity. The sack, especially shorn scrots, cling and stretch to the inner thighs.
I’m glad winter is about done but I’m not looking forward to the chaffing I get from having summa ballz.

I need to go wash my junk. I got summa ballz.

She sucked me off even though I had bad summa ballz. She said she likes a little tangy zip.
by Eaton Holgoode May 1, 2018
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