Highly potent ganja with a gummy (sticky Icky) texture
Hey Rasta man gi mi a blast on that sticky icky
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
That fire ass weed that leaves your hands all sticky after u roll that blunt
Pass me a Phillie so I can twist that sticky icky
by Don Primo October 7, 2003
marijuana when its not quite done, before its being put into the coffee blinders...
by aron May 6, 2003
The Dankest Weed. Can be Identified by the plentiful THC crystals, and the sticky resin which resides on the bud after harvest. Garunteed to "Fuck you up." Also known as the Chronic.
"I really love getting faded of that Sticky Icky."
by Cdub the Collosus September 3, 2007
The result of spilling a glass of kool-aid all over yourself
Rats! I just spilled my kool-aid resulting in a sticky icky
by Caleb Cox November 3, 2007
A persons cum and/or jizz.
Right when we got to the climax we got some sticky icky all over us.
by EmCeenichoj May 5, 2006