Ass with one more S.
You're such an asss.

You spelled ass wrong, fuckwit
by Mattypants January 19, 2009
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this literally just means poop im not even kidding it just means poop the word is literally poop not joking the word is literally poop. thats it
by PoopyTurd November 12, 2019
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What a male or lesbian snake says when they see a female snake with a very nice ass.
Snake 1: Wow that look at that 'asss'
Snake 2: Totally...
Snake 3: Yesss
by 18Skeltor January 2, 2013
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rat assed is generally a term used when one is off ones rocker, caused by excessive ammounts of alcohol, weed, or anyother illeagle substances one might have dropped (take).
ex 1. i cudnt find the way home last night i woz well rat assed
ex2. i dropped 10 pills last night i wer well rat assed!!!
by laura May 1, 2004
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