A person with an exceptionally sweet and nurturing personality. This name is mostly used for people a person may know well and to some degree intimately.
My husband is sugar lump; he just lightens the mood every time.
by 3D3 June 04, 2017
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A playful term with which some older(mid-to-late forties) African-American females(cougars) have chosen to affectionately label younger(mid-to-late twenties) Caucasian males.
Cougar: Would you mind helping me carry my groceries inside, sugar lump?

Young Man: (*goddammit*)
by javabeans August 20, 2008
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Currency mainly used in Uganda. Many histoians speculate that the Falklands war was due to a sugar lump.
Hairy Native: Hoo much da Donkey?
Hairier Native: 12 Sugar lumps, and soom fudge from ya daughter.
by Cobs July 16, 2003
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