exclamation expressed when things just arent going your way.
a way to express anger or stress.
i got fired from my job, goddammit!
Goddammit wheres my lighter.
by Brad April 6, 2005
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A phrased used when an unpleasant truth is discovered. Often used when nothing else comes to mind on the subject.
Tim: You're never going to feel the touch of a woman.
Nick: Yes I will.
Tim: Seriously, objects never actually touch. All you feel is the energy transfer. You and the woman will never come in contact.
Nick: ...Goddammit.
Tim: What? It's an intriguing scientific fact!
Nick: I know. Just... goddammit.
by thisoneisn'ttaken September 15, 2011
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A quote shouted by Danny Avidan (as of 2015, "Not-So-Grump) at Ross O'Donavan (who bought too many games). Remembered by any and ALL grump fans.
"Hey Barry... 're you washing dishes? Here's some more. Later!"
by GrandDadMario7 April 13, 2015
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A meme that is used when somebody screws up.
Meme Voice: It was at this moment that Nathan knew... He fucked up.
Nathan's Dead Ally: Goddammit Nathan. I Should not have trusted you. -_-
by The ArchTitans March 24, 2016
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