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Also known as the 'hiphopopotumus', Jemaine is totally awesome.
He is in the band flight of the conchords along with Bret Mckenzie.

But Jemaine is the sexier one of the two.
He has also been in the film;
Eagle vs Shark

and will soon be coming out in a film called :
gentlemen broncos
Jemaine Clement, if you asked me to marry you, i so would.
by b4j August 09, 2008
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One incredibly adorable and hilarious member of the folk/rock comedy duo known as Flight of the Conchords, from New Zealand, in which he plays bass and guitar with Brett McKenzie.
He rocks the rectangular black glasses and sleeps on a granny-quilt. Apparently, he gets more "action" then Brett, but consoles him with a song about how he once put a wig on Brett while he was sleeping and spooned with him.

Jemaine Clement is my hero, and they're better be another season of Flight of the Conchords on HBO.
by sfwildflower July 14, 2008
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