The most annoying negitive come-back one can say to anything someone else might say, mostly used for complaints, but can also be used as a form of jelousy. Meaning either there's nothing you can do, you dont want to (like "have fun, it's going to suck, I'm not going."), you're jelous, and/or you dont really give a shit. Taken from the statement "That sucks," but shortened to "sucks."

Make sure to say it in a "I don't give a shit" tone, and repeat often to annoy.
Your Friend: "Dude, my parents are trying to send me boot camp!"

You: "Sucks."


Your Friend: "Hey I just got tickets to Hemp Fest"

You: "Sucks."
by Kvn ME April 19, 2007
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1. Shut your suck!
2. Quit running your suck!
by Roy November 04, 2003
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what isiah marvin ang will be awarded first place in doing good at.
some hidden cam: Isiah suck Cole's dick every sunday in our churche's bathroom.

P.S. super gay wannabee emo faggotIsiah really loves the cock!! lols!!
by take a guess ;-) January 17, 2005
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A common insult, often abbreviated to sux on the interweb, used when describing a bad performance.

Mistakenly thought to refer to a blow-job, "... sucks" refers to the fact that the dutch noticed that certain boats "sucked" water and this would result in a little wave at the back of the boat. The larger the wave, the slower the boat would go; and at a time where there was a big issue with pirates and other naval threats, the fact that a boat "sucked" meant that it performed badly.
"What did you think of the match yesterday?"
"It really sucked!
by Fishjelly April 09, 2011
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When one friend is having a chiefly amazing day compared to the other. This may involved sleeping in late, extra long showers and day drinking. It will likely cause intense jealously in the other friend, stuck at work, inciting the claim that the fun friend "sucks."
Meredith, your 45 minute shower and bloody marys on a Wednesday make me think that you really really really suck.
by MerMer66 June 22, 2016
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suck means to rob someone innit
Boy you gonna suck Marlon for that phone

Nar blad i sucked him for it last night

That shit was greezy truss
by Greezy Girl April 29, 2006
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