The conception of bring a SUV and a Truck together, creating a terrible vehicle with no real apparent purpose
That SOB bought a SUCK!?! thats unfortunate.
by Bob December 17, 2003
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Not proficient in whatever or however you are going to confront a situation and/or event.
Tom: "I hate doing presentations. I suck at them!"

Bill: "Well Tom, 'if you are going to suck, suck good!' " (Thumbs Up)
by LucyJewls07 July 29, 2009
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Definition 1-- Is bad at something
Definition 2-- Is overall unpleasant
Example for definition 1--

Person-- Boy, you suck at volleyball

Example for definition 2--
Person-- *having to do chores* Well this sucks
by AshKetchumPoketraineer February 05, 2019
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A word used when describing how to drink out of a straw
Make sure you suck on the straw not blow
by Haxle12343 December 15, 2018
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When one friend is having a chiefly amazing day compared to the other. This may involved sleeping in late, extra long showers and day drinking. It will likely cause intense jealously in the other friend, stuck at work, inciting the claim that the fun friend "sucks."
Meredith, your 45 minute shower and bloody marys on a Wednesday make me think that you really really really suck.
by MerMer66 June 22, 2016
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