The sickening gurgling in your gut telling you that diarrhea is imminent and unavoidable. Happens at the worst place at the worst time.
Just when the bus breaks down in the tunnel, is when I get the worst case of the bubbly. My face is turning different shades of red trying to hold it in.
by Dr. Claw January 25, 2009
Bing Crosby:" I'll have a bit of the bubbly myself" (high society 1956)
by Dhiazee December 7, 2015
code name for weed
cause when you
smoke a bong it goes "bubble bubble"
yoo tonight wanna do some "bubble bubble
by de em September 13, 2007
Home of the NBA’s shortened 2020 covid season. Known for its Mickey Mouse ring among other things.
The Bubble is one of the craziest things to happen in the NBA.
by InfluentialOne April 3, 2021
1) (verb) To put cum and shit in a blender and pour the mixture down the woman's vagina. The woman and/or man must perform cunnilingus on the woman/herself. They must then make out, adding saliva to the mixture, and blow bubbles with said mixture.

2) (noun) The Powerpuff Girl of the same name. See also Blossom, Buttercup, and dumb blonde.
1) She blew bubbles using a mixture of Guy's cum, shit, and saliva.

2) See the above.
by Yopmail User June 28, 2022
At risk. In peril.
Most often used to describe someone or something that may be cut from scope or removed from the group.
"We need 5 people for the team. We have already chosen 4 and so the remaining 6 of the applicants are on the bubble."
by Missy S April 3, 2006
a really happy,perky,kind of annoying person at times.Its one of those people who wake you up in the morning really perky and you just wanna smack them in the face
She is being very bubbly today.
by Starlight April 17, 2003