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A fast moving dick that fucks vigorously.
Kiersten bent over the sink so Chad could Torpedo her pussy and anus then he gave her a massive creampie and cum facial!
by SlopNChop November 27, 2016
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To betray, backstab, diss, or punk someone with the intent of causing harm to their reputation.
He's going to torpedo Doug's election chances by telling the press about his adulterous ways.
by mcgggggg May 31, 2005
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Incarceration Term-
An enforcer in prison/jail. Large and tough men that are assigned the role of enforcer among their race by the head of the race. If someone is disrespectful or breaks the rules, the head will send out torpedos to do some damage.
A typical minor incursion will result in a chinstrap (a heavy hit to the chin) or, for a more serious incursion, a stomp by all members of the race.
Jonny Boy was overheard talking shit about the head. He woke up in the middle of the night to the torpedos thumping on his head with socks full of batteries.
by Fumanchewd October 25, 2006
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When a Man runs full speed while erect into a woman bending over. (completely random girl)
yo man, i torpedoed some chick last night, too bad i missed. Now my dicks real fucked.
by Blake Nowak May 20, 2007
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Torpedo, noun: When smoking a joint or blunt, the smoker leaves an inch or more of the joint or blunt to constitute a torpedo, otherwise they're just roaches.
"Hey bro, got any weed?"
"I have about 4 torpedoes and 6 roaches in my ash tray."
by wolftone1916 October 03, 2013
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