Asshat question posed by a fucktard.

There are no stupid questions. There are only stupid people who ask questions.
Woman: I have a stupid question...

Man: No kidding.

Woman: Can I buy this blouse as a separate from this skirt?

Man: I don't work here.
by BcozTheNite March 26, 2008
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A question you ask that has the answer in it
Joe: what color is the deep blue sea?
Luke: are you ready for me to shit all over you?
Joe: what?
Luke: that’s a stupid question...
by Kidswillbekids May 14, 2019
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Your teacher lied. They do exist. If heard, the answering party usually enters Sarcasm Mode.
Also worth noting is that the person asking needs to be punched upside the head. Hard. If he dies, it's none of your concern.
Examples of a stupid question:

(Your friend is over to visit)
Friend: Do you have a bathroom?
You: No, we shit outside!

(You are washing your car)
Neighbor: Are you washing your car?
You: No, I'm watering it to see if it grows into a truck!
by Anhilliator1 April 25, 2017
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A question so obvious the asker must be an idiot not to know.

Often however, used in a sarcastic tone/context to make the other party look stupid. Making the asker very clever.

Closely related to the Rhetoric question.
So exactly how in hell did you pass med school again?

Shut up, stop asking stupid question

by CommandoDude March 24, 2008
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Sometimes, Usually, Always asked by a small fella surnamed ‘Middleton’ and is quite often a question that could be answered by a foetus.
I know you said dinner time, and you’re sick of stupid questions; but can you numerically clarify what you mean?
by Meadowschad March 5, 2021
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a holiday which falls on the last skool day in September, usually September 30th
self-explanatory; a day that is celebrated by asking a lot of stupid questions, mainly to your teachers/professors
only funny if you get many people to participate, in which case it can be the most fun and looked-forward-to day of the year
it is perfectly placed, in that it is soon enough after summer that everyone is still sad that summer's over and could use some laughs, yet it is late enough that you have already gotten to know your teachers fairly well, and know the limits to how many stupid questions you can ask them and not get into trouble
Examples of questions that could be asked on ask a stupid question day:
Ms. Milio, if the moon exploded, what would happen to us?

Why is Hamlet so sad his father died, Ms. Farrell?

What's the square root of 4, Ms. Sirakos?

Ms. Intrieri, what would've happened if the Reformation had never happened, or if it had happened in Asia?

Mme. Bertacchi, how do you say "I'll stab you with a knife" in French?
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As many or as few as the whore who fucked that retard. I've seen her doing homework there so I know she stole AT LEAST the amount of time it takes for her to do her homework. You have no reason to assume she went straight back to work after fucking the retard. And that's jist the company time! How much of MY time did SHE steal?
Hym "Stupid question. You motherfuckers are desperate to draw a parallel between something I did there and fucking a retard but you don't even consider whether or not she was doing all of the things I was doing AND fucking the retard AND trying to get me to follow rules that are rendered irrelevant by the fact that she's fucking the retard and doing all of the things I'm doing. Which is against the rules. Someone else tried to compare age to fat cock and/or the situation there recently. You're not good at drawing parallels. Stop trying to draw parallels. She wants to talk about if she was 20... If you were 20 you wouldn't even consider me. You can't control it but is does change. You want a relationship instead of scheduling yourself for a shift at my studio apartment to come fuck me and then leave and then still not have a relationship with me. That is preferable to having a relationship with you. That's a parallel. I'm good at drawing parallels. I deserve to keep drawing parallels. You do not. Maybe one day you'll be as good at drawing parallels as I am. But for now... You should work on that."
by Hym Iam May 27, 2023
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