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Asshat question posed by a fucktard.

There are no stupid questions. There are only stupid people who ask questions.
Woman: I have a stupid question...

Man: No kidding.

Woman: Can I buy this blouse as a separate from this skirt?

Man: I don't work here.
by BcozTheNite March 26, 2008
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Your teacher lied. They do exist. If heard, the answering party usually enters Sarcasm Mode.
Also worth noting is that the person asking needs to be punched upside the head. Hard. If he dies, it's none of your concern.
Examples of a stupid question:

(Your friend is over to visit)
Friend: Do you have a bathroom?
You: No, we shit outside!

(You are washing your car)
Neighbor: Are you washing your car?
You: No, I'm watering it to see if it grows into a truck!
by Anhilliator1 April 24, 2017
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A question so obvious the asker must be an idiot not to know.

Often however, used in a sarcastic tone/context to make the other party look stupid. Making the asker very clever.

Closely related to the Rhetoric question.
So exactly how in hell did you pass med school again?

Shut up, stop asking stupid question

by CommandoDude March 24, 2008
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