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Used in Online Gaming especially any kind of FPS. Specifically, a taunt, designed to incite rage. Mostly for lulz.

A form of gaming trolling with the intent to anger another player into behaving childishly. Esp. with the intent to get them to Ragequit.
N00bx69: omfg god! ufggt! dude fcking totaly haks! wtf u lagging peice of shit! u so chep u damn noob id fucking pwn u if u wernt fckin cheating!

Yourmom: umad?

N00bx69: fuck u fggt!

N00bx69 has disconnected

Yourmom: hemad
by CommandoDude September 27, 2010
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A large gun used in WWI by the Germans produced by Krupp Industries.

Big Bertha is usually confused with the Paris gun and was never actually fired at Paris.

In fact, Big Bertha saw very little action aside from bombarding a handfull of Forts in Belgium, most French soldiers who were captured from bombarded forts claimed

"No one can stand up to Big Bertha's might" when in fact they had never been shelled by Big Bertha at all.
Dood! Big Bertha gunna mow down Paris again.

You're an idiot, Big Bertha never even shelled Paris you dolt.
by CommandoDude March 23, 2008
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Nerfing, is a game definition term used by a player base to describe the reduction of power in a Class of unit or weapon that was threatening the balance of the game.

Often times players will be told well in advance of the upcoming patch a nerf is taking place. Primarily to keep players informed on modified game mechanics. And also to generate discussion.

A Stealth Nerf occurs when a game company does not announce a particular change to a game in the patch. Often times the change will simply be noted in the Patch notes, buried under other layers of changes players do not often read. Leading to many players confusion as to the change.
The purpose of the Stealth Nerf is to minimize the backlash from the player base if the Nerf being applied is a particularly popular play style.

It also serves to eliminate resistance to the change the producer feels is necessary, as often preventing a Nerf is much easier then reversing a Nerf.
by CommandoDude May 21, 2010
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1. The new Derogatory term for "Libtard" aka "Liberal" aka Commie or Socialist.

2. Individual in favor of reviving said early 1900's movement to cull corporate and government corruption, protecting the average American, and expanding civil rights.
1. Damn Progressives! They want to destroy our way of life by taxing the shit out of us and making the government run every damn thing by socialising America so they can bow down to those terrorists and commies while taking away our guns so that we can't fight back. Fucking Liberal baby killing pinko unamerican surrenderist welfare state handout socialists!

2. Damn government! They're robbing the middle class Americans so they can give money to the rich by cutting their taxes and bailing them out with our social security we paid for and giving them monopolies on everything we damn well need like gas and healthcare while they screw over the working class who can barely keep a family working 3 different jobs! Fucking scumbags want to cut low income benefits so we all end up like penniless beggers on the street so the wall street fat cats can buy better private jets.
by CommandoDude August 31, 2010
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A tactic used in FPS games in which players lob grenades into the air towards the enemy spawn attempting to get a lucky kill.

The tactic requires extensive knowledge of the current map and a sense of predictability in knowing where the enemy will usually head.

Though, this only works well in round based games because spawn points are fixed.

The best way to avoid grenade artillery is to look at the sky in the early game and watch out for small flying objects heading in your vecinity
Unknown Soldier sprinted around the corner, poised to bring his bullets upon his enemies.

When suddenly he exploded, a grenade had been flailed from the otherside of the map and killed him...to shame.

...Damned Grenade Artillery
by CommandoDude November 2, 2008
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Viewership of the progressive Internet talk show TYT otherwise known as The Young Turks. Hosted by Cenk Uygur. Referred to as the 'TYT Army' for their ability to organize support for the TYT program and spread the message of TYT. Which is how TYT has become television newsworthy, hosting segments on MSNBC on nothing but word of mouth.
"They can't handle it. They're too strong. It's the TYT Army. And they're coming man...They're coming!"

TYT Army is going to release the motherfucking Kraken
by CommandoDude August 26, 2010
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Expression usually given by brainless idiots to indicate 'first'

Usually in the conext of first comment, or 1st place, etc.

Usually it is used singularly

Dude, grow up

I stil got 1st fag!
by CommandoDude March 22, 2008
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