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30 definitions by CommandoDude

The single largest cannon ever built and used in history. Designed by Krupp Industries it was used during WWII by the Nazi's only against the Russians.

The Scwerer Gustav is classified as a Supercannon, measuring at a whoping 800mm Calibur, it could only be transported on a double set of rail tracks (also making it a railway gun).

It could punch through 15 meters of Concrete and 5 meters of solid metal armor. Unfortunately it was destroyed near the end of the war to prevent capture. One of its' shells is on display in a Polish war museam.

A second gun "Dora" was also built but dismantled, and a third was planned by never started.

Ja, es ist Schwerer Gustav, eine Ubergun -
by CommandoDude March 23, 2008
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A question so obvious the asker must be an idiot not to know.

Often however, used in a sarcastic tone/context to make the other party look stupid. Making the asker very clever.

Closely related to the Rhetoric question.
So exactly how in hell did you pass med school again?

Shut up, stop asking stupid question

by CommandoDude March 24, 2008
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adj. Describes a behavior which is deemed to be 'appropriate' when engaging in any particular sport. Used most often in the context of referring to poor sportsmanship. IE, either behaving poorly during a game, or engaging in unfair play, even cheating.

Kind of ritsy.
It's not very sportsmanlike to cheat. Only a poor sport would do such a thing.
by CommandoDude September 29, 2010
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Nerfing, is a game definition term used by a player base to describe the reduction of power in a Class of unit or weapon that was threatening the balance of the game.

Often times players will be told well in advance of the upcoming patch a nerf is taking place. Primarily to keep players informed on modified game mechanics. And also to generate discussion.

A Stealth Nerf occurs when a game company does not announce a particular change to a game in the patch. Often times the change will simply be noted in the Patch notes, buried under other layers of changes players do not often read. Leading to many players confusion as to the change.
The purpose of the Stealth Nerf is to minimize the backlash from the player base if the Nerf being applied is a particularly popular play style.

It also serves to eliminate resistance to the change the producer feels is necessary, as often preventing a Nerf is much easier then reversing a Nerf.
by CommandoDude May 21, 2010
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Paranoid, angry, or attention seeking wannabe college dropouts who think that by looking at shoddy footage of controversial events and mincing the words of eye witnesses they can piece together their own, delusional version of "The truth" about what REALLY happened that day.

Tin foil hats may or may not be worn.
Everybody should listen to Conspiracy Theorists, they know "The truth" because they haven't been bought out by 'The Man' like those silly scientists. What do they know, what with their PhDs? And their testing? And their research? They obviously don't know shit about what REALLY happened. Just look at this video of the event, see that plane? IT'S A MISSILE.
by CommandoDude August 4, 2010
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An individual, usually a scientist with a PhD or someone with expertise in their field of work. Whom analyzes the information, facts, and available data salvaged from a controversial point in time which many Conspiracy Nuts have labeled an "Inside Job."

These people corroborate their information, and then construct the most likely scenario that occurred on the day of the controversial event. Usually 'Debunking' wild, pseudo-factual conspiracy theories.
Popular Mechanics is one of the more famous Debunkers, having completely disproven almost every single controversy raised by such inane "Video Documentaries" as Loose Change.
by CommandoDude August 4, 2010
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Military term, refers to the site of an engagement between military forces, generally in a broad scope. Also implies that the battle is ongoing.
An Army would maneuver into the Field of Battle to engage the enemy.
by CommandoDude September 29, 2010
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