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Verb; An attempt to fix something in which the fixing actually makes the situation worse for you. Common on the internet when an arguement "backfires" and makes you look stupid.

nub 1:My mom is not FAT! See! *insert link*

person 2: Dude! She totally is, your arguement totally backfired on you. Lol, dumbass.
by CommandoDude March 13, 2008

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ZXCV is the underacknowledged crack child of QWERTY and ASDF
Many do not know of ZXCV and its' awsome internet prowess.
by CommandoDude August 08, 2008

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Game Term. Refers to a class of vehicle or sometimes a unit that has very high attack strength and sometimes long range but generally poor defense and low health as a result.

The general strategy for them is to either destroy the enemy before being attacked or hides behind other, stronger ally units.
The artillery unit in that game is great. But it's a Glass Cannon, I only use it for defense.
by CommandoDude May 06, 2010

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Viewership of the progressive Internet talk show TYT otherwise known as The Young Turks. Hosted by Cenk Uygur. Referred to as the 'TYT Army' for their ability to organize support for the TYT program and spread the message of TYT. Which is how TYT has become television newsworthy, hosting segments on MSNBC on nothing but word of mouth.
"They can't handle it. They're too strong. It's the TYT Army. And they're coming man...They're coming!"

TYT Army is going to release the motherfucking Kraken
by CommandoDude August 25, 2010

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Used in Online Gaming especially any kind of FPS. Specifically, a taunt, designed to incite rage. Mostly for lulz.

A form of gaming trolling with the intent to anger another player into behaving childishly. Esp. with the intent to get them to Ragequit.
N00bx69: omfg god! ufggt! dude fcking totaly haks! wtf u lagging peice of shit! u so chep u damn noob id fucking pwn u if u wernt fckin cheating!

Yourmom: umad?

N00bx69: fuck u fggt!

N00bx69 has disconnected

Yourmom: hemad
by CommandoDude September 26, 2010

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The ultimate mindscrew.
I give up! Quantum Physics is just too hard! How do people even come up with this stuff?!

What the hell is reality???!!!
by CommandoDude August 05, 2010

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Term which refers to a conduct of combat, loosely applying to the 17th through 19th century. In which battles were orderly fought in a fashion akin to a turn based strategy game, with opposite sides of musketmen walked around the field of battle to form giant lines of ranks totally exposed. Each army then took turns blasting the crap out of each other.

Sometimes one side would suicidally charge the other with bayonets. On foot or cavalry. Later, cannons were used as fire support.

Generally, this was though of as sportsmanlike by the nobles that waged these wars.

The practice eventually began to wane when people realized that doing this was fucking insane. And basically outright stopped once World War I rolled around.
These people had more balls then any human being in history, when you realize that each and every one of these mother fuckers walked around a battlefield devoid of cover. Then stood in front of a proverbial firing squad.

Not to mention, even if you survived getting shot, you'd probably get a limb amputated, without anesthetics, at best. Slow painful death at worst.

You probably had a better chance at surviving Russian Roulette. A Gentlemans' War was more like a gamble with the Grim Reaper.
by CommandoDude September 29, 2010

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