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Where any and all villains go to learn how to shoot. If they attended here, their shooting will inevitably be terrible, e.g., they will hit everything but their target.
Your shooting is terrible!

Hey, I went to the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy!
by Anhilliator1 November 9, 2016
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Short for "Electronic Arts." A corporation whose sole purpose is to make as much money as possible. Also maker of Origin, a stupid game client. Releases their bullshit games unfinished, and then forces gamers to pay for DLC and updates that do jack shit to fix the game. If you try and complain, you are banned. The help support is worse than Comcast's. Has killed many good game developers.
EA has won the award for Worst Company in America TWICE in a row. Meaning TWO golden turds. And yet they STILL don't get it. Wow.

by Anhilliator1 April 25, 2017
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...No. Just no. I was going to write a definition about this, but then I decided not to.
You still here about no twilight definition? You wanna kill me? Fuck you, you twitard.
by Anhilliator1 December 21, 2016
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1. An expression commonly used in conjunction with a hard slap to someone who did something exceedingly stupid.

2. Something that most people have absolutely ZERO patience in dealing with. Like me.

3. Something that, unfortunately, comprises most of planet Earth's population.

The below GIF shows the proper reaction to an idiot.
Tim: *Tries launching a bowling ball to the moon, only for said bowling ball to land on his foot.* OUCH!
Jack: *Smacks Tim* Idiot.


I am sorry to say, sir, that you are like most of the world. You, sir, are an IDIOT.
by Anhilliator1 May 28, 2017
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Any sort of supposedly powerful attack that ends up having zero effect. Examples include a BFG doing nothing. That's right, NO DAMAGE. Named after Worf from star trek.
Dude! I just fired this super-powerful cannon on this boss and it did nothing!

Man, I'm sorry, but that thing's basically a Worf Barrage gun. IT IS FUCKING USELESS!
by Anhilliator1 December 13, 2016
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The living embodiment of Badass. This guy has faced down the entire armies of hell four times and won all four times. And he's just one person.
Doomguy: Don't mess with him.
by Anhilliator1 November 11, 2016
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