World's last legal form of torture. After two years in a gulag learning to "help people", you are shipped off to Siberia for had labor to "help people" as a resident. Survivors and escapees of these death camps are rewarded ridiculously by the institutions that monitored the torture. Victims can be identified by scrubs, an enduring symbol of pain and suffering
"You're bleeding"
"I'm a med school survivor, that's what we do."
by JoeShelton 2245 July 31, 2006
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long years of hardship that will lead you to one of the most amazing timeless and well-respected professions of our planet - rather than a job..being a doctor is a vocation. its extremely hard work and may bitchslap students in a pretty bad way (apart from driving dem to the very edge of reasing testing their human limits), but its a journey from which one can only learn...both knowledge-wise and life-wise. life is what you make i, actually med school can be quite fun :)
hey dude...coming for that med school student committee boat party after we finish renal?
yes getting the booze? ill get some saline who whoever gets shit and vomits his life out xD and stop hitting on the freshmen..deyre mine!
by dooooooooooooodie May 12, 2011
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Being attracted to someone that you normally would not even glance at because they are in your med school class with you. The main cause of this attraction is being cooped up with the same people day after day. This makes you look at people in a different way. Kind of like being in prison, where you might be straight, but you might have sex with some feminine guy because that is your only option in the pen. Med school is strikingly similar.
Med student #1: Man, Jenny is pretty hot.

Med student #2: Wow, she is not hot at all, if you saw her out in the real world you wouldn't even give her a second look. She is just med school hot.
by ConsensualLightReflex December 31, 2010
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(n) When a medical students once curvy and luscious ass begins to appear flat and saggy from sitting all day.
Student 1: Man she was so hot last year.

Student 2: Yeah but then she got that med school ass.
Student 1: Pancaked!
by lmjb December 17, 2014
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