noun A person of either gender who is beautiful in every way, especially their sense of humour and behaviour/ generosity to others as well as aesthetically, often (but not exclusively) with great legs. Originally derived from adjective 'stunning' referring to physical beauty, but wider usages expressing socio-political, comedic or moral approval have developed recently.
1. Omg! Meera is such a stunner, i love everything about her!
2. Did you watch Made in Chelsea last night? Francis was on incredible form with his lines about Jesus, what a stunner!
by theofox2011 July 23, 2012
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A hot chick who can be of either gender who is generally beautiful in every way
Friend~*post pic on insta*
Me~what a stunner!
by XxZoexX August 9, 2020
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A follower, fan, and supporter of the five girl pop group The Stunners which consists of Tinashe, Hayley Kiyoko, Lauren Hudson, Allie Gonino, and Marisol Esparza.
I am always, and forever will be a Stunner!
by xscribbled April 24, 2011
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astonishment, curiosity, genius, miracle, one for the books, phenomenon, portent, prodigy, sensation, something else, the eighth wonder of the world, whiz, wonder, wonderment
Everyone would look at the stunner that wasn't neccasarily doing anything to receive attention.
by Ecko King September 18, 2009
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An extremely slow witted person. One who is constantly stunned by simple everyday events.
These mouth breathing stunners got gored by the cariboo.
by Dustynutz June 5, 2015
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A distant cousin to the "shocker", "stunner" is the act of inserting all 4 fingers into the vagina, and the thumb partially into the rectum.
Our sex life was teetering on bland, until i introduced the Stunner on Easter Sunday.
by Davis Conway February 28, 2017
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