26 definitions by XxZoexX

A TikTok famous 16-year old who dances in front of her phone all day gets millions of views for moving her arms rapidly and doing trendy TikTok dances. She has all the hype and she deserves it, she is surprisingly unproblematic but does really unnecessary but amazing TikToks of her doing literally nothing and getting 50 million views.
Friend~whats the name of the renegade girl the one with all the hype
Me~Charli D'amelio I wuv that girl!
by XxZoexX July 27, 2020
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don't beg it, another way of saying stop taking the mick/ stop messing around.
Friend~Ha Ha I beat u 5-0 on FIFA
You~Dbi *rolls eye*
by XxZoexX July 26, 2020
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The name given to those who don't wash their hands after using the restroom, if you don't wash your hands after using the toilet you're a detty pig
Friend~*doesn't wash hands after using toilet*
Me~ "wash your hands you detty pig!"
Friend~" I didn't do a poo I was crying"
by XxZoexX August 01, 2020
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a cute compliment used to a sweet, kind pretty girl with a dollface
Friend~*Give you a gift*
Me~tysm doll!
by XxZoexX August 09, 2020
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A response to a statement that was is incorrect, that it's funny.
Friend~Do you like JJ?
Me~lol no !
by XxZoexX August 10, 2020
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no no square refers to a part of your body which would be inappropriate for someone else to touch no no don't touch me there this is my no no square
my no no square!
by XxZoexX August 09, 2020
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