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a Cariboo is a Cambodian Weeaboo
(South Asian Wapanese)
A) What do you call an asian that wants to be japanese?
B) Where is he from?
A) Cambodia?
B) Cariboo.
by n0sx January 17, 2010
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A play on the words "weeaboo" and "caribou."

An American or other non-Canadian person who is obsessed with Canadian culture, including hockey, lumberjack inspired fashion, and poutine. Cariboos also tend to be fans of the show Degrassi and/or the YouTuber, MattG124. They will gladly move to Canada, assuming they can afford doing so.
Jordan had recently became a cariboo. On the outside, he just looked like any other hipster, but on the inside, his heart pumped maple syrup and he dreamed of one day learning how to ice skate so he could play hockey at the local rink.
by Dr. Sigh July 03, 2016
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