Person: There's so much room in here! I can do some stretching in here all day...
by $e9a May 21, 2009
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Code name for sex during the daytime.
I stopped for a midday stretching during lunch, feel great.
by O’Takieddine August 18, 2019
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the act of smoking marijuana at any time anywhere
Hey, I'm feeling pretty tight, I think it's about time I went outside and started stretching.


You guys want to go stretch?
by Zach V March 9, 2009
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(Verb) To get beaten badly at something, typically in a match or competition, alluding to the metaphor of getting penetrated.
Synonyms: Ass Kicked, Destroyed, Fucked Up, Wrecked.
Damn, they got a 38 point lead, and we're not even in the second half. We're getting stretched bro!
by ONTHEEDGE67 March 29, 2021
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Rick: Hey man how was becca last night.

James: I could not feel anything because she was Stretched.
by secret =) September 13, 2006
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a tall, skinny person. not necessarily weak. used to greet someone.
whats up stretch?
by O&APartyRock December 22, 2010
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