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A devastating and extremely powerful strike from the fist that emanates from Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. The fist strikes the target from only one inch away yet the punch can transfer an incredible force. See also JKD
I gave him a one inch punch and sent his ass flying
by JediAndi April 5, 2003
Can be used as a verb (Jonesing) or a noun (a jones). Describes a state in which one experiences strong desire or attraction, often of a sexual nature. Equiv. "to fancy" "crushing on" "to want"
She's been jonesin him for months.
He's got a major jones for her.
by JediAndi April 4, 2003
(adj.) Term used to describe a sexual partner who only sleeps with you after receiving something first i.e. Dinner, movie, gifts. Origin - UK mobile telephone payment system. Also describes a prostitute.
Atonym - Contract
I had to take that Pay as you go out to dinner three times before I got me some!

I'm in town for a couple days on business, I need to get me a pay as you go.
by JediAndi September 3, 2005
The .50 Auto Express is currently the largest calibre of pistol ammunition measuring half an inch in diameter. It is extremely powerful and has an incredible penetrative power. It was designed by and is currently used exclusively in the Desert Eagle Pistol, manufactured by IMI, Israeli Military Industries.
The desert eagle .50AE can crack the engine block of a truck.
by JediAndi April 4, 2003
Retaliatory statement derived from arch enemy or arch nemesis which sarcastically points out how un nefarious a persons actions are. Used to counter a statement of suspicion about another person.
"He has got to be up to something!"
"Ooh, how arch!!"

"She just gave me money and walked away!?!"
"Wow, how arch!!"
by JediAndi August 21, 2005
A modification of talk to the hand, used to indicate a further level of disinterest.
Hold hand up in front of other person's face, close hand into fist, say "Don't talk to the hand because even he's not interested" Now look away.
by JediAndi March 24, 2006