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(v.) To touch an individual in an intimate manner, usually with sexual intent. Such an act is usually done without the persons consent and is also frequently met with hostility and/or violence.
This chick at the club was so crunk she was letting everyone cop a feel.

I think that someone copped a feel of my tits on that subway.
by JediAndi September 3, 2005
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The .50 Auto Express is currently the largest calibre of pistol ammunition measuring half an inch in diameter. It is extremely powerful and has an incredible penetrative power. It was designed by and is currently used exclusively in the Desert Eagle Pistol, manufactured by IMI, Israeli Military Industries.
The desert eagle .50AE can crack the engine block of a truck.
by JediAndi April 4, 2003
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To behave in a manner that suggests lesbianism, such as kissing or touching another female in a sexual manner.
Those girls were totally dykedelic.
by JediAndi April 6, 2003
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(adj.) Term used to describe a sexual partner who sleeps with you without receiving something first i.e. Dinner, movie, gifts. You still end up paying for it eventually. Origin - UK mobile telephone payment system.
Atonym - Pay as you go
My girlfriend has put out four times this week, I just know that I'm going to have to pay the contract soon.
by JediAndi September 3, 2005
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(n.) Abbreviated rhyming slang, UK origin. Thrupenny bits are old disused coins with an equivalent value of three pennies. Thrupenny bits is rhyming slang for tits another word for breasts. Only used to describe female's breasts.
Check out the thrups on her!
by JediAndi August 18, 2005
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(n.) A mess, in disorder. UK military origin.
You look like a bag of tits.
This room is a bag of tits.
Your uniform looks like a bag of tits.
by JediAndi August 21, 2005
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