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More awesome than awesome
Person1: I just had an 8-some!!!! xDxD

Person2: Fuckin' eh!
by $e9a June 2, 2009
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When calling someone a D-bag isn't enough and you don't have a lot of time, call someone a Triple D-bag. It stands for Dick-Dirt-Douche-Bag.
Person1: Lawl at you and your broken arm.
Person2: You're a Triple D-bag, you know that?
by $e9a June 19, 2009
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A very specialized emoticon, which means 'i heard you fucking some dude through my bedroom wall last night and so i listened intently"
Person1: i just got laid xD
Person2: 69 |D_O
Person1: Im not suprised that you heard it, AND listened
by $e9a May 29, 2009
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When an editor is in a bad mood (or just feels like being a D-bag) they repeatedly deny definitions they are confronted with.
Person1: Deny, deny, deny....hahaaha
Person2: why the denial spam?
by $e9a December 5, 2009
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when someone raises their index finger (meaning: wait a moment please)
Person1: (talking to Person2) ya i dont like that bob kid
Person2: really? i dont think he's that ba-
Person3: HI EVERYBODY! hey Person1, cna you help me?
Person1:(gives the finger)
by $e9a May 27, 2009
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Screwed beyond fixing. A word that describes how screwed a person is.
Wow...fuck your life. You're so joshed <shakes head in disapproval>
by $e9a April 7, 2009
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