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A very cruel person. They mercilessly slaughter innocent plants for consuption.
Person1: Why are vegetarians cruel?
Person2: Pigs and cows can run for their lives. Zuccini can't do shit.
by $e9a May 19, 2009

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Basically, a girl wth 67 protons is a Ho. It can be used in discreet ways.

This refers to the 67th element on the Periodic Table of the Elements (holmium) which has the short form of Ho.
Person1: Hey look at Carley over there.
Person2: Now there's a girl with 67 protons.
Carly: Hey you guys. What are you talking about?
Person1: Chemistry
by $e9a November 16, 2009

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Having acne on your back.
EWWWW I've got backne
by $e9a April 28, 2009

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More awesome than awesome
Person1: I just had an 8-some!!!! xDxD

Person2: Fuckin' eh!
by $e9a June 02, 2009

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A very specialized emoticon, which means 'i heard you fucking some dude through my bedroom wall last night and so i listened intently"
Person1: i just got laid xD
Person2: 69 |D_O
Person1: Im not suprised that you heard it, AND listened
by $e9a May 28, 2009

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To take a dump in a handicapped washroom.
Person: There's so much room in here! I can do some stretching in here all day...
by $e9a May 21, 2009

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Cheap shot
Person1: What did you just do to him (stares at person on ground, who is writhing in pain)
Person2: I bagged him
Person1: Jew move
by $e9a May 19, 2009

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