Someone who streams video games live for an audience. Entertaining streamers can maKe money through viewer donations and advertising merchandise on their stream. Popular streamers can have upwards of 20,000 viewers. Usually the streamer speaks to the viewers on mic and camera and the viewers can respond through a dedicated chat channel.
I was watching that streamer GamerGod last night and seen him do a cool new trick I want to try.
by Str8 Br March 12, 2015
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A member, participant or onlooker, sometimes called a friend or follower, in an online user's social media community. Such communities are often seen and referred to as a 'stream' of people and information flowing by. If they are frequently seen in the stream, and considered in good standing, the streamer might be additionally labeled a citizen of the stream—or "streamizen."
They met on AOL, and Roxann followed him to Twitter. She was one of a few of his streamers who became a trusted friend.
by shoqvalue July 13, 2010
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An individual who's profession is to engage, entertain, and interest other individuals in order to generate a positive subscriber ratio. By making other people take an interest, they generate revenue and fame.
That streamer yesterday was very interesting, I want to give them my kids college education.
by Omege October 31, 2017
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A person who spends a lot of hours watching tv shows and movies on the internet. Generally this person prefers to stream (watch it via an internet media player) rather than download it.
Mark: hey man wassup? u goin to d Dotty's party later
Trey: nah man! i plan to stream the last 10 episodes of Gossip Girl, that should take me all night.
Mark: huh? you freakin streamer
by yoyah_romp12 June 8, 2010
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(n) Streamer

Online streaming version of film, provided to reviewers, distributors, and others. Analgous to Screener of film which has traditionally been actual film or DVD.
I'll send you a link to a streamer.
by zaniac October 1, 2014
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Gamers who broadcast their gameplay live to others online.
1) 2 popular streaming platforms are Twitch and Youtube
2)Many famous Fortnite players are Streamers
by TTV.MrSAVAGEllamaHUMAN November 6, 2019
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A sad individual who legally changed his name to "The Streamer" in 2018 despite having less than 300 followers on twitch. He has made his own Wikipedia page and made his own entry for "The Streamer" on Urban Dictionary in a vain attempt to cultivate his own cult of personality, though the effort is entirely transparent.
"Have you heard of 'The Streamer'?"
"You mean that guy who couldn't find a job after Twitch failed to pay his rent?"
by Spoobert December 19, 2018
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