1. release: A word used to express practically anything, but in a positive sense.

Also: "release date (date here)" to denote a good happening

2. other examples (but in a neutral sense) are link and rock

3. slightly negative: allow

4. and bait reach (although this is only used in a very negative sense)
1. Awww, man, release me that ice cream! Mmmm, a free ice cream, release date 2003, july twenty ninth.

2. Link it over there or we'll get rocked by the cops for releasing that ice cream.

3. Allow getting rocked, this is no release.

4. Oh no dude, they're linking us to jail. Some homo is gonna release us, allow it! This is some bait reach!
by Steve Lewis July 29, 2003
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A: Yo are you free to link tonight?
B: Yeah let's link up.
by Liluzihurt January 15, 2017
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This term is normally used, when a boy and girl are talking to each other a lot and its obvious that they are going to go out soon. This defination is normally used in the UK.
Girl 1: "i talk to adam all the time, i really like him.."

Girl2: " You two are soo linking!"
by coolcoolcoolextracool April 12, 2011
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Linking means the you are talking on a level but not dating.
Hey! Did you hear that Max and Zoe are linking...
by @dontxmax November 19, 2017
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When link is not saving Hyrule he is usually chilling with his ladies.
by Anonymous April 13, 2003
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The Link was thought to me a mythical creature only appearing in fables until a Late Night Lenny, in search of a new conspiracy theory, found The Link.
I'm on the Link, I'm on the Link
by Kung Of The Duckheads April 15, 2019
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