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Tea Party + Republican

A member of the Republican party, with strong anti-government sentiments, who often believes that national security, and expressions of patriotism, corporate fealty, and constitutionalism, are fundamentally more important to America's national character than the general health, education and welfare of its citizens.
Fed up with moderate Republicans, he decided he would only vote for Teapublicans.
by shoqvalue March 21, 2010
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An image—often called an avatar—which represents an online user, often on some kind of social network or application, which serves as a tribute to some person, cause or idea. It may be permanent, or only used for the duration of a special event, or while an issue remains topical.
During the Iran Election crisis, the TV anchor had been using a Tributar depicting a Neda, a fallen protester. Later he switched to a Tributar showing himself as a child, sitting on his late father's lap.
by shoqvalue June 22, 2010
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A contrived political message or theme designed to inspire or reinforce a blind adherence to a party or idea, often with a cynical awareness that professional and amateur followers and pundits will relentlessly repeat it throughout the Internet and mass media echo chambers with a nearly syncopated precision.
The talk show host knew that by pounding the table and screaming "we must take our government back," he was reissuing a marching meme that had inspired his many sycophantic followers in the past.
by shoqvalue June 18, 2010
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A member, participant or onlooker, sometimes called a friend or follower, in an online user's social media community. Such communities are often seen and referred to as a 'stream' of people and information flowing by. If they are frequently seen in the stream, and considered in good standing, the streamer might be additionally labeled a citizen of the stream—or "streamizen."
They met on AOL, and Roxann followed him to Twitter. She was one of a few of his streamers who became a trusted friend.
by shoqvalue July 13, 2010
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A #hashtag used on Twitter, Facebook at other social media that is conceived by a business or organization to promote a product, issue, event position, or goal in a way that seems to have been spawned by a "grass roots" movement.

Sometimes called "astroturf tags," these symbolic tokens are often created by professional public relations firms or their media consultants as part of a broader public awareness (or propaganda) campaign. Many social media users, generally interested in the topics that the tags seem to represent, will often start using the tags in their own messages, unaware of the corporate, private, or other agendas that may lie behind them.
The Grass Tag #energyTomorrow was created by the American Petroleum Institute to spam twitter with pro-energy industry propaganda.
by shoqvalue October 16, 2010
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The singular form of Foxbaggers

See: Foxbaggers
As a loyal Fox viewer and Teaparty member (a.k.a. "Teabagger"), he proudly votes against his own self interest. He's a Foxbagger.
by shoqvalue February 2, 2010
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Fox News + Teabaggers

People who subscribe to the tenets, postures and propaganda of the Republican Party, or its far-right populist Teabagger wing, which have both become malleable tools of the Fox News Channel and the many concorporative interests it often speaks or acts on behalf of.
Created in 2010 by @Shoq as a twitter #hastag, "Foxbaggers" merged many competing terms, all referring to the same far right-wing constituencies. Rather than call them Wingnuts, Hatriots, Populists, Foxbots, Fauxbots, Fox viewers, etc., it was far more efficient to use one simple label and tag, which could be used like this:

"James O'keefe" is just a Foxbagger pretending to be an investigative journalist so he can impress all the other Foxbaggers."
by shoqvalue January 31, 2010
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