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A contrived political message or theme designed to inspire or reinforce a blind adherence to a party or idea, often with a cynical awareness that professional and amateur followers and pundits will relentlessly repeat it throughout the Internet and mass media echo chambers with a nearly syncopated precision.
The talk show host knew that by pounding the table and screaming "we must take our government back," he was reissuing a marching meme that had inspired his many sycophantic followers in the past.
by shoqvalue June 18, 2010
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Chamber of Commerce + Teabagger

An executive, supporter or operative of any Chamber of Commerce that is overtly or covertly seeking to co-opt or align the various "Tea Party" (a.k.a. Teabagger) movements with themselves and the Republican Party, to further their traditionally pro-corporate political interests.
Having little experience organizing rallies, he was eager to listen to the friendly Chamberbagger who seemed eager to help.
by shoqvalue April 7, 2010
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A political message posted to Twitter (or other social network), which is written by skilled writers working for political organizations, and meant to appear as if it was generated as spontaneous political expression by ordinary citizens.
The attacks on the Congressman were not sincere posts by citizens, but rather, the output of a well orchestrated astrotweet campaign.
by shoqvalue January 10, 2011
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An acronym, popular on many social networks, which represents the constellation of converging interests between the American Republican Party and the Beyond Petroleum Corporation.
The GOBP was determined to push for new deep water oil drilling permits, even as an oil slick from a broken well continued flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.
by shoqvalue June 22, 2010
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A #hashtag used on Twitter, Facebook at other social media that is conceived by a business or organization to promote a product, issue, event position, or goal in a way that seems to have been spawned by a "grass roots" movement.

Sometimes called "astroturf tags," these symbolic tokens are often created by professional public relations firms or their media consultants as part of a broader public awareness (or propaganda) campaign. Many social media users, generally interested in the topics that the tags seem to represent, will often start using the tags in their own messages, unaware of the corporate, private, or other agendas that may lie behind them.
The Grass Tag #energyTomorrow was created by the American Petroleum Institute to spam twitter with pro-energy industry propaganda.
by shoqvalue October 16, 2010
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Users of online social networks, who frequently engage other people in various kinds of online word games, always identified with a clever or descriptive hashtag that identifies a stream of similar messages. Users wanting to play, simply follow the gametag, and append it to their messages whenever they want to submit an entry to the game stream.
Some Hashtaggers have created hundreds of gametags, including very popular ones like #NewOscarAwards and #ballonBoyBookTitles.
by shoqvalue February 3, 2010
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Someone that posts on Twitter, Facebook or other social network for the purpose of coming on to someone romantically on behalf of someone else—often for money.

The Ghost Dater presumably knows better how to engage, intrigue, flirt, or otherwise attract a prospective date than the hopeless loser they are hired by.
FakeDonJuan69 wanted to become a professional Ghost Dater so he could make a bundle coming on to women on behalf of guys whom they normally wouldn't be caught dead with.
by shoqvalue June 1, 2010
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