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It's a farming tool and thats all you need to know.
Person 1: Do you know what a hoe is?

Person 2: It's a farming tool

Person 1: Ummmmm Actually...

Person 2: SHUT UP!
by TTV.MrSAVAGEllamaHUMAN September 22, 2019
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Gamers who broadcast their gameplay live to others online.
1) 2 popular streaming platforms are Twitch and Youtube
2)Many famous Fortnite players are Streamers
by TTV.MrSAVAGEllamaHUMAN November 6, 2019
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Spelling Bee director: Ok, now spell the word "Pennies"
17 year old: P-E-N-I-S
Crowd: HAHAHHAHAH what a stupid dumbass, he spelled PENIS!
Spelling Bee director: Get out! For using such vulgarity and profanity in your speech, YOU're A DISSAPOINTMENT to your parents and to future generations who want to learn and prosper!!
17 year old: WAHHHHHHHHHHH.
by TTV.MrSAVAGEllamaHUMAN October 2, 2019
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a very funny movie about a few boys and a clown who celebrate together and develop friendship. For children under age of 8.
My 4 year old would love to live in The movie It.
by TTV.MrSAVAGEllamaHUMAN November 13, 2019
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an extremely realistic awesome fps videogame. Filled with toxic players who call each other trash but still enjoyable (for me personally)
Person 1: Do you still play csgo?

Person 2: no, I left cause other players called me trash.

Person 1: you are trash

Person 2: WAHHHHHHHHHHH Im telling my mommy!
by TTV.MrSAVAGEllamaHUMAN September 14, 2019
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A huge annoying karmawhore on Reddit as well as a power-tripping mod.
u/DingDongPuddlez is hated by many and liked by few
by TTV.MrSAVAGEllamaHUMAN November 30, 2021
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