adj: A slave to rules. Will let anything or anyone boss them around. Lets an object such as a stop sign control them.
Zoomer: Don't you realize your a slave stopper?
Stopper: I am not a slave I do it to follow rules and protect others.
by ZOOMER GANG March 25, 2021
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The plastic part of an alcohol bottle at the spurt that controls the flow of alcohol into your mouth.
Nick removed the fun stopper from the bottle so he could chug the Handle more effectively.
by Walter Hopkins IIIIV October 12, 2011
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A small stick that can be put into a hot drink to prevent it from spilling.
Why does Starbucks only offer hot stoppers at the drive through?
by thbaloo October 20, 2015
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A tattoo on your body that is exposed all the time. (i.e. a tattoo on your neck, nuckles, forearms, hands, face, etc.)

It's hard to get a job with an expose tattoo...
Cookie: "what's that on your neck? it rocks!"
Ginger: "it's my new tattoo"
Cookie: "that's the best job stopper i've ever seen!"
Ginger: "Thanks, that's why I play in a band..."
by Ralph March 24, 2005
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Someone who will not accept any form of chiming (interupting one's conversation). These extraverted people tend to publicly shame and embarrass the chimer or chimees (as they are collectively known) as they have no fear of interupting other peoples conversations due to their elite status.
Boy 1 : "What's your favourite movie?"
Girl 1 : "Um... -"

*Before Girl 1 can answer Boy 2 runs up and yells "Wayne's World!"

Boy 1 then goes on to say to Boy 2 and everyone in close proximity : "F*** you, you little ass-cock, I saw your tiny pin in the change rooms... only after I pulled out my telescope! if you ever cut me off like that again, i'll publish your, little, secret in the school paper, piss off!"

*Boy 2 scampers of in tears

Girl 1 : "Wow, your a great chime stopper!"
by niveartline January 24, 2009
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Plopper stopper-laying down sheets of toilet paper on the surface of the toilet water to arrest the backsplash on your ass.
Ever had to use a toilet at a not so clean rest stop. You don't wanna sit down and with the added elevation above the water you dread the caca water splash from the poop plop. Just lay down ample sheets of toilet paper on the surface the water to break the fall. That's a plopper stopper.

"Hey bro, that toilet was nasty. I put down a plopper stopper for sure."

"If you're going to use that restroom, I'd put down a plopper stopper."
by ED Gordo January 9, 2013
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