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adj. The feeling of awkwardness that overwhelms two people when they haven't seen or heard from each other for a prolonged number of years. This excrutiatingly uncomfortable feeling is often amplified if the two people used to be great friends and chatted frequently.
Boy 1 : "...Hi!... long time no see..."

Girl 1 : "Ahaha- yeh, so what are you doing these days?"

Boy 1 : "Um... i'm still in the same business, you?"

Girl 1 : "Yeh, same case with me..."

Boy 1 : "Um... well I best be off, i've got frozen groceries in the car... "

Girl 1 : "Ok- Bye..."

Boy 2 : "Wow, I though you two were going out for a couple of years!? That convo went totally talkward..."
by niveartline January 25, 2009

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Someone who will not accept any form of chiming (interupting one's conversation). These extraverted people tend to publicly shame and embarrass the chimer or chimees (as they are collectively known) as they have no fear of interupting other peoples conversations due to their elite status.
Boy 1 : "What's your favourite movie?"
Girl 1 : "Um... -"

*Before Girl 1 can answer Boy 2 runs up and yells "Wayne's World!"

Boy 1 then goes on to say to Boy 2 and everyone in close proximity : "F*** you, you little ass-cock, I saw your tiny pin in the change rooms... only after I pulled out my telescope! if you ever cut me off like that again, i'll publish your, little, secret in the school paper, piss off!"

*Boy 2 scampers of in tears

Girl 1 : "Wow, your a great chime stopper!"
by niveartline January 24, 2009

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A characteristic tightness and or plumpness which a woman's (or man's) bum displays upon observation. This particular type of bum will instantly imprint an image of a tight, lubricated and hot bum in the viewers mind upon observation.
Jody: "Keith!, Keith are you listening!?"

Keith: "Sorry, I couldn't help thinking about your bum, it's a smiggle bum!"

*Jody slaps keith and walks away

by niveartline December 12, 2008

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The angle at which you can see right up a woman's skirt, all the way down her hole.
That hot chick on that moped had all the guys on the street positioned at her ovary angle
by niveartline January 30, 2009

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