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An action where one effectively 'kills' a joke by either adding too much onto it or through the over analyasis of it. Witnesses of the stoneing may then shout "stoned" at the 'stoner' to show just how un-funny they are.
The two types of 'Stoneing' are as follows...

Person A: why did the chav cross the road? to start on the chicken for no reason

Person B: hahahahahahahahaahaha that so funny, to start on the chicken for no reason: like "oi! chicken what you looking at?! ima brapze you up ima brapz you up ima brapz you up ima brapz you up. its funny cuz a chav would actually do that.

Person A: STONED

Person A: He is such a dickhead!

Person B: Yeah, a pubeless dick!

Person C: Hahaha yeah, like, he also has no balls, and hasn't gone through puberty and it is really small and has hair on it

Person A & B: STONED!
by STONED! March 29, 2010
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